Best apps for listening to podcasts

While podcasts are gaining popularity, you need to find a suitable for their playback. Edition MacDigger selects the best podcast player in the App Store.


A popular alternative to the standard podcast player with a simplified design and a number of clever features. The application has all the necessary features found in other similar programs, such as download podcasts to your device and change the playback tempo.

Of the unique features is to highlight how the Overcast starts playback if the user pressed pause. In other applications, the podcast starts playing from where it stopped the listener. Overcast also rewinds a few seconds ago and tries to find a fragment, where the hosts of the podcast are silent. This requires that the user remember the context of communication and continued listening comfort.

Also, Overcast is a dark theme and the ability to reduce the duration of the podcast due to the removal of silence and interruptions in the speech leading.

Price: free

To Download Overcast


Stylish podcast player designed specifically for the iPhone and not on other platforms. The app has a very beautiful and intuitive interface. Podcasts in Castro represented in the form of incoming tasks that the user is obliged to distribute. For example, if the tape with new releases there’s anything interesting, people can add it to the queue. Conversely, if there was something uninteresting, the issue can be immediately removed.

Also, as in other similar programs, you can change the playback speed and set the sleep timer.

Price: 379 rubles

To Download Castro


A podcast player designed specially for branded watches Apple. It has no interface for iPhone or iPad. Outcast only works on the Apple Watch and does it very well. In fact, the app appeared because of the fact that Apple did not bother to adapt a standard player wearable electronics.

However Outcast copes with its task. It has all the necessary controls to control playback, switch to podcasts, download them on the clock for listening without Internet and so on.

Price: 75 roubles

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Pocket Casts

Notorious player, has long been in demand by the audience. The main advantage of Pocket Casts before all the competitors described above is multiplatform. Overcast, Castro and Outcast developed exclusively for Apple gadgets. Pocket Casts also works on iOS and on Android. There is also a version for web browsers.

Price: 299 roubles

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