Best apps with support for Apple Pencil is not for drawing

Tell which can come in handy branded stylus Apple for those who have no artistic skills.

Apple Pencil is the best stylus pen for iPad available. It is most convenient, the most sensitive and the fastest. Why he so loved artists. But tablet use also representatives of other professions. For example, photographers, designers, mathematicians and musicians. They might also come in handy Apple Pencil.

Photo editing Affinity Photo

In the App Store a lot of photo editors where you can work using Apple Pencil. When this Affinity is probably the only option which enables all the advantages of the stylus, including the minimum latency, the determination of the pressing force and the inclination angle.

With the help of special “pencil” Apple is possible to make targeted changes in images, edit small elements and retouch photos.

The entry of formulae and equations in GoodNotes

Mathematicians, physicists, chemists, and students are unlikely to soon be able to abandon pen and pencil to keyboard use. The constant need to sketch formulas, circuits, examples of fractions is forced to use classical instruments.

Therefore, the best replacement for the archaic pencil will become a modern alternative in the form of an Apple Pencil. The role of the notebook can play the game, the app is GoodNotes, which since its appearance in the App Store we adapted it under handwriting.

Record notes and tablatures with Leadsheets and PDF Expert

The musicians are enthusiastically perceive the program Leadsheets and PDF Expert. They can choose musical markings and record their works. You can use stylus Apple branded. Especially considering how hard it is to write tablature and sheet music on a conventional keyboard.

Actually Leadsheets combines the classic method to place music on paper and digital technology, which turns the paper into a tablet display. PDF Expert is a PDF editor, which can download music sheets and over them draw music notes as they like.

Game on virtual cello c Pen2Bow

The most fun and the most useless app in this collection. A virtual instrument is, and allows you to fully unlock the Apple Pencil, but practical use is not responsible, and when playing on a real cello, most likely, will not help.

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