Best widgets for the Apple Watch Series 4

New Apple with a larger display exclusive new dials and the large widgets, containing more information. Talk about the best supplements to the face of your Apple Watch Series 4.

Pokemon Go

The famous game has got convenient widget for the clock, which shows nearby egg pokemon. The perfect tool for fans of the game. No longer have to get the phone to find out where you can fill up your collection of pokemon.

3 Things

In the task Manager Things appeared four new widget. Each displays a list of cases and helps to record ideas.


Awesome widget that helps you to communicate with foreigners. Now watch themselves determine what country the user is located, and offer to translate the language of this site on your own. Moreover, in the course of the day, the widget displays useful phrases like “Good morning”, “Hello” and so on. It all depends on location and time of day.

Pedometer ++

Advanced widget that shows how many steps the wearer has passed, what distance was overcome, and so on. Unlike the built-in widget Apple development from the third party shows more information and makes it clearer.

Just Press Record

With a quick and convenient voice recorder for Apple Watch. The developers added a few new widgets, suitable for different dials. To be able to instantly record any moment.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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