Best wired headphones for baby: LilGadgets Connect+

Choice of headphones for the baby — it is always difficult. Wish the sound was no worse than the adult models and was sitting comfortably, but to the ears of the child were safe, if he suddenly accidentally twist the volume to the fullest. Most “adult” brands with this task can not cope, so the market there were producers who spetsializiruyutsya exclusively on children and teenage headphones.

One of them is the worldwide known company LilGadgets released wired headphones Connect+, which was in our newsroom. From the first screw they are designed in such a way that first of all the ears of the child were under the protection of this headphones has a built-in limiter volume level of 93 dB. In General, LilGadgets the first who decided to take this interesting step, so this year became the most sold headphones in USA among children.

Not anything unusual, only the headphones, microfibre cover and 3.5 mm cable. and why, if children first “I love you” eyes? However, everything is decorated very beautifully: for example, green and pink models of the box are painted in corresponding colors.

Headphones look nice, but they are also practical. The case is made using matte plastic — kids these materials are very popular. Ear cushions and headboard padded and covered with eco-leather, which solves two problems: ease of fit and absence of sweat on the ears during extended wear. Owners of headphones with ear cushions made of genuine leather.

The main thing — the headphones are small and weigh so little that it seems as if they are weightless. This allows the use of their children aged from two years. When the baby’s head will grow, you can individually adjust the headphones through a convenient volume size. Rigidity is ensured by stainless steel. Every detail, whether it be a headboard or audio, designed so that parents are not worried that their child may be injured.

Connect+ though, and safe, but despite this, the sound is all grown-up, 40-mm drivers with a range of 20 Hz — 20 kHz, nice bass, excellent sound insulation (but to the extent that child to hear ambient sounds), the balance of medium and high frequencies. Our visiting young expert very much.

By the way, with the help of technology SharePort one device can connect several headphones.

LilGadgets, of course, managed to create the best headphones for kids, are not afraid to declare it. Parents are happy that the ears of their children safe, and children are happy to not fully stripped-down sound, and even without unnecessary ballast like batteries. The company, incidentally, produces wireless headphones for kids Untangled Pro Blue, if someone suddenly confused by the wires.

In anticipation of the New year is just a great gift for any child. Listen to stories, watch cartoons in their own headphones — what could be cooler? To buy Connect+ can have official distributor in Russia LilGadgets store BRAINPHONES.

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