Bezlimita for all: Russians want to be universal and unlimited Internet

The expert Council under the Government of Russia offered to provide the country a “universal and unlimited access to the Internet.” On Tuesday wrote edition 1Prime.

The proposal was made “Digital economy”, prepared by the expert Council under the government of Russia and aimed at open government and the Ministry of communications. On what conditions citizens will offer to enjoy unlimited Internet, is still unknown. The document is only reported that in Russia should appear in the corresponding “digital infrastructure”.

“With regard to the development of digital infrastructure, first of all, according to experts, it is necessary to provide universal and unlimited access to the Internet”, – stated in the message of Open government.

In addition, the expert Council proposes to designate as priority areas of work with large volumes of data (big data), creation of services based on artificial intelligence, information security and identify users and technical devices.

Also one of the important elements of the program should be the formation of “Electronic government”, which will be based on “principles of customer focus, the formation of the complex digital environments of citizens and organizations, ensuring the continuous growth of the quality of electronic public and municipal services, reduce costs, governments and optimization of their interaction.”

We will note that earlier the head of “Beeline” said that the Russian cellular operators will gradually refuse from unlimited tariffs on the Internet is disciplinarum subscribers consuming large volumes of traffic in high congestion networks. 3G network operators are already congested and 4G networks are loaded very quickly, he explained. He did not say when the company itself give up unlimited Internet. First from unlimited tariffs declined Yota. The new range of tariffs of the operator does not provide unlimited Internet access.

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