BitTorrent Now – a new service for streaming music and video to iPhone and Apple TV

The term “BitTorrent” many associate with piracy. Meanwhile, it’s a legitimate company that has developed a lot of useful software, based on technology peer-to-peer. Today BitTorrent announced a new streaming app BitTorrent Now. We are talking about a platform for streaming music and video, primarily aimed at independent artists.

The developers emphasize that this is not a service to distribute pirated content. All the available content in BitTorrent Now will have to pay the musicians themselves. When this service is fully free. Something that will be supported by advertising, and contents, claiming the “premium class”, will be available only after payment.

The authors themselves will be able to set the price, but if you wish, you can always support your favorite musicians.

Currently available version BitTorrent Now for Android, but the developers promise to soon release an app for iOS and Apple TV.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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