Blockchain-platform Telegram may take on Bitcoin and become the world’s most popular

The service manual to exchange messages and media files Telegram announced the beginning of the test mode has its own blockchain platform, the announcement of which took place in 2017. This is reported by “Vedomosti”.

For the first time the information that the Telegram will launch its own blockchain-a platform appeared at the end of 2017: this was stated by the Creator of the service Pavel Durov. In the design phase of a future platform called TON ā€” Telegram Open Network, and this name was preserved to the time of testing. All in all, the development of the system took a $ 1.7 billion ā€” the money was obtained from private investors.

According to sources of “Vedomosti”, the blockchain platform Telegram at the moment ready for 95 percent. In the autumn of this year TON will start working in test mode, then it will be available to all users of the service. It is anticipated that TON will compete with the blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but will also be able to compete on the speed of payments with Visa and Mastercard. Inside the platform you will use cryptocurrency Gram. The use of a blockchain platform will be available to all users of Telegram that could make it the most common in the crypto world.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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