Blocking is not terrible: Opera built free and unlimited VPN in the desktop browser

In the final version of the desktop browser Mozilla has added support for free, unlimited, and do not collect VPN logs. Innovation allows users to hide their IP address, location and to access blocked or restricted content.

“If people knew how really the Internet works, I’m sure they would use a VPN. Making our browser VPN free and easy to use, we hope that VPN will become an indispensable function for users,” said Christian Kolondra, senior Vice President of Opera browser for computers.

Browser-based VPN creates a secure connection with one of the five Opera servers located around the world. VPN allows you to choose the location in the network, increasing the level of privacy and security online and providing easier access to content.

Users can also allow the Opera browser to select the optimal location of the server based on a number of factors such as network speed, waiting time, location, and capacity of the server. In this mode, automatically determine the optimal locations of servers, the user can surf the Internet via VPN with the maximum available speed.

Function browser-based VPN, based on the technology of SurfEasy, a subsidiary of Opera, uses 256-bit encrypted AES connection from the selected virtual location and does not keep log files, that is, neither Opera nor SurfEasy does not store any information about the history of the browsing user.

“Each of us should have the right to anonymity online. Presenting a free and unlimited VPN directly in the browser, we relieve users from having to install third-party program or extension,” said senior Vice President of Opera Christian Kolondra.

Download Opera VPN support for developers on the company’s website.

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