Bloomberg: new iPhone will have dual camera for image quality and touch the Home button with tactile feedback

In September Apple will unveil a new flagship smartphone with a number of hardware innovations, said a renowned expert on the “Apple” of the company, mark Gurman from Bloomberg. When the external similarity with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the new gadgets will be expanded and modernized photography, the main key smartphones.

Apple intends to present in September its first iPhone with a dual camera that can do damage the tool. Dual camera model will be implemented only in the 5.5-inch iPhone, while the compact 4.7-inch version will get the classic sensor.

According to Gourmet, the camera of the new iPhone will use a different capture technology color. The Association received images will allow Apple not only to achieve better quality of shooting in low light conditions, but will provide the opportunity to zoom without serious loss of detail, said the source familiar with the prototype of a novelty.

Confirmed informants and the desire of Apple to abandon the use of mechanical Home button in a future iPhone. Instead, it is set sensitive to force of pressing the touch button with tactile feedback, thanks to which users will get the full sensation of pressing real mechanical buttons. The key mechanism similar to the device Force Touch trackpad from the MacBook.

This decision will not only increase the level of protection of the smartphone from water, but also increase the reliability of the design of the smartphone. After all, any moving elements subject to wear.

Apple also decided to get rid of the headphone Jack in favor of connecting via Bluetooth or via a charger. According to sources of Bloomberg, it will free up space for the second speaker. While Apple still in 2014 allowed manufacturers to produce headphones that connect to the iPhone via the Lightning port.

Sources are still avoiding to name the new Apple smartphones. And their caution is explained by the fact that the new iPhone can get the iPhone and iPhone 6SE 6SE Plus, while more familiar names iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be used in smartphones in 2017.

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