Boeing is about to experience the first ever flying taxi

The Boeing company tested a prototype future flying Boeing taxi to the end of 2018. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Boeing engineers are working to create a manned air taxis which will be driven due to the rotary screws. The vehicle can carry not only passengers, but also small goods. In the development of the company also assist employees of Aurora Flight Sciences — drone manufacturer, which not so long ago bought the Boeing Corporation.

Experts expect that the flying taxi will appear within the next five years. They will be able to move both by land and by air, and transport people or cargo from one city to another. As the head of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg, a new form of transport will help to solve the problem of traffic jams in Metropolitan areas. To complete the work of the flying taxi, you must also create a unique system to control air traffic. Work on it has already begun. It will allow flying vehicles to move safely, and people will be able to more effectively manage.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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