Brand Native Union introduced a new accessory for iPhone XS

Manufacturer Native Union introduced new covers and wireless charging for iPhone XS and XS Max. Accessories made of composite materials and was called Terazzo Collection.

Company Native Union introduced a new collection of accessories for the iPhone XS and XS Max. It was called Terazzo Collection. It included cases and wireless charging. They are all made from composite materials and are environmentally friendly.

“Accessories Terazzo Collection are handmade from eco-friendly composite material, which we called Jesmonite. It was invented in 1984 and is now the most requested in the field of design. Our accessories are available in pink and black”, — reported in a press release from Native Union.

iPhone, according to the manufacturer, can be charged both in horizontal and in vertical position. It is enough to set on a special ledge, after which the device starts to charge automatically. Power charging for iPhone is 7.5 watt, for other smartphones, it can reach 10 watts.

The cost of a wireless dock is $ 149. Covers can be purchased at the price of $ 59. All accessories are available for online ordering on the official website of Native Union.

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