Break the iPhone screen and get $ 100

The installation of protective glass on the screen of your iPhone can prevent scratches, but is unlikely to protect the display from cracking due to negligent treatment. A popular manufacturer of protective accessories has started a special promotion that, if not eradicate this problem, at least to alleviate the suffering of clumsy owners of the Apple smartphone.

Company ZAGG claims that her shields Sapphire Defense boasts “the world’s most effective protection from scratches and chips”. To prove that the manufacturer is responsible for his words, it offered users a special security plan in which they can get 100 dollars compensation, if the iPhone dressed in Sapphire Defense was broken.

By itself, a protective shield will cost 49,99 dollars, but if you can put 79,99 dollar, for the money you will also receive a free cover IFROGZ Vue Clear Case and annual warranty service. If you happen to break the screen of your iPhone, you will only need to send ZAGG photo display, dressed in a cover from this company, and also a photo of the receipt for the repair. Soon you will be able to count on compensation in the amount of $ 100.

Although sapphire is a very expensive material and $ 50 — a very reasonable price for such a accessory, guarantee against damage to the screen cost $ 80 a year seems very dubious proposition. By the way, have you ever smashed your iPhone screen? We offer to take the survey.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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