Broken iPhone: what exactly not to do

According to the Russian law “On protection of consumer rights”, to return to the store not even a second-hand smartphone is almost impossible. The only exceptions are cases of manufacturing defects occurring within the guarantee of service failure. But then to convince the employee of salon-righteous consumers are trying the most incredible ways.

Entertaining information straight from the fields with the journalists of the newspaper, Thrillist shared former employees of one of the Apple stores. According to the three colleagues, they had to be unwitting participants in the most that neither is absurd and even frightening situations.

For example, I remember David (name changed sides — approx. Thrillist), once he had to deal with a client who threatened to undermine the shop with explosives in his backpack, if he refuses to help. Fortunately, then the security service has worked very quickly and the possible tragedy was avoided.

At the same time, added fellow second participant of the conversation, there were also more cheerful clients. One of them, said Tony, claimed that the smartphone suffered from a certain alien fluid after meeting aliens from another planet. To clarify the composition of the substance and the name of the fighting race the client refused.

However, assured journalists the third colleague is still often caught honest visitors. One brought anything remotely resembling the iPhone in a plastic bag and said that the gadget shot out of the gun. Later he confessed enthusiast, he just wanted to change a smartphone to a new one.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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