Bug in iOS allows you to bypass the password and get access to contacts on iPhone

In the latest update for Apple gadgets ā€“ iOS 12.1, released this week, was discovered a bug that allows you to bypass the lock screen. The exploit allows access to contacts on an iPhone using FaceTime group calls for information without the access code.

This bug works only for iOS 12.1 and was discovered several hours later after the final release of the OS. We have tested it and can confirm that it is really possible to access contacts in iOS 12.1 without unlocking the device.

Apple periodically makes similar errors in system code to bypass the lock screen. So, for example, a bug in iOS 6.1 in 2013 allowed the attackers to access calls, contacts, and photos. In iOS 7 and iOS 8 also had similar security holes. Bugs, contribute to bypass the lock code in the iOS distributed as well as errors in the transition to summer time, which send the device in the “eternal boot”.

Most likely, the Cupertino’s company is already aware of this bug and will fix it soon.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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