Calendars don’t lie: a review of the app for girls Lady Bell

Technology, as we know, are designed to facilitate our lives – including in the most delicate aspects. And if previously women had to record your cycle in a dedicated notebook (or even to keep in mind), about figuring out when ovulation day and the beginning of the next month, it is now possible to avoid this fascinating procedure by downloading the relevant app lication. But here the problem – which program to use, because they are in the App Store a lot. We offer Lady Bell, is the app differs in that it contains absolutely all the desired functionality.

The appearance of the app, by the way, amazing and just has the right mood – is not the domination of pink, fringe, flower and other attributes of unrestrained teenagers. Everything is clear and informative: first of all, of course, looks out the calendar itself. Need to record all changes of the body, and the program does all the math – what day to get pregnant as much as possible, what is the maximum impossible, and when the beginning of the next cycle – data, of course, approximate, but to focus completely. By the way, you can change the appearance of the calendar to sort of “wheel” – then the numbers are placed around a neat circle.

But this is one function, though the Central. Lady Bell can be used as a personal diary, to put down, for example, a reminder of when to take contraceptives – and then just forget. Or attach it to a calendar days of the status of health, extent allocation, and other important information will be useful in the future for statistics. If you wish, you are permitted even to mention the symptom picture of a girl: pregnancy will be interesting to see how many times in the previous month was hungry.

The second very important section – the tab discussions. In fact, it is a forum built into the app. Users can chat on any topic, but in the top, of course, “women’s” health, sports, and pain in the active phase of the cycle, pregnancy and diet. Women share experiences, give each other advice and support. Lady Bell is not so popular app to the forum every second “Zaruba”, but users enough. In addition, you have an ability to copy data, and send them to your doctor, such as e-mail.

If you have monthly flow with various effects – including weight changes, then it would be logical to measure the body: to keep track of how you change the chest, waist and hips. Well, you just sit on a diet, and you need to know whether this what good statistics will tell you that there is a positive trend. For this you need only take a few minutes a week on the measurements.

Overall, the app, of course – a real godsend for all the girls whose age is already out of kids, but haven’t gotten to the elderly. Many years of suffering with “these days”, which comes, of course, just a few hours goodbye, now behind you have a reliable calendar, and he will tell you to wait for today danger.

By the way, the program is free – at the start of Lady Bell won’t charge you a penny. So don’t be afraid: this is truly realisasi functionality to pay will not have, just click on the download button, and your phone is going to settle is required for any adult female app.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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