Came watchOS 4.2 beta 1 and tvOS 11.2 beta 1

Developers received access watchOS 4.2 beta 1 and tvOS 11.2 beta 1. It is unknown what features will be available with the new firmware.

Note that in the coming days to be held public release of watchOS tvOS 4.1 and 11.1. Most likely, Apple will release their November 3, the day of the official start of sales of the iPhone X.

Known bugs watchOS 4.2 beta 1

• Under certain conditions may not be the iTunes Store authorization when connecting one device to another.
When faced with this problem, you can select “Skip this step” and log in after connecting the devices (Watch app —> General —> Apple ID).

• The application icons may not display correctly.
Helps to solve the problem reinstall the application.

Known bugs tvOS 11.2 beta 1

• Known error in the framework, Foundation, dataset, AVKit, and display HDR content, to which you should pay attention to the application developers. A detailed description of the errors and their solutions can be found on the portal

• When switching from one application to another may be slow work.

Download a new version of tvOS and watchOS can only users with developer account.

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