Camera iPhone XS Max compared with a camera for 10 thousand dollars

Photographer and blogger ed Gregory compared the iPhone camera Max XS film camera with Canon C200 cost 10 thousand dollars. Despite their performance, both devices are almost equal in their capabilities.

In order to compare the focal length on both cameras, for Canon Gregory decided to use the Sigma lens Art 18-35mm F/1,8. As it turned out, taken with the camera rollers demanded additional taitokortteli, while footage on the iPhone is not needed in subsequent settings.

Is particularly successful on the iPhone XS Max the shots taken in bright sunlight: the dynamic range of the picture does not remain illuminated with high brightness. Blogger also pleasantly surprised by the good shadow detail in the resulting picture.

Notable drawback of the iPhone’s camera has become excessive sharpness of the images. According to Gregory, when shooting movies can have an impact on the details of the pictures, but for photos, in some cases, this can be a plus.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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