[CamRip] Steal, steal and steal again!

This morning, traditionally going through a Twitter feed, surprised a huge number of messages that lock rutracker.org “this is chickenshit,” and that they (the authors of the tweets) can easily be circumvented. And the pitch was in the spirit of “ahahaa, Russians can’t defeat the locks, lol)))”. About two hours I spent on it to collect the views of their readers about what’s wrong with us, and I want to share with you my observations. And also to tell about why Apple (or other large companies) can deploy (and deploy) our consciousness back.

The text and all that will be written below aims to analyze the reasons for rampant piracy in the country. As it turned out, those reasons are quite many and some are very reasoned and clear. It’s no secret that as such, the phenomenon of piracy exists in other countries, including the EU and the US, but it’s all in the proportions. If you fundamentally disagree with what the content would be a good idea to pay — it is better to close this topic and don’t waste your time (I bet she got some camrip that urgently needs to see before the official premiere, otherwise hair fall out, stop the Earth mother will not give money for beer, etc.).

To start a small educational program (it is obvious, but without him lost the narrative thread). If people won’t pay for content (be it a purchase, viewing advertising, subscriptions, etc.), then that content simply will not. This is an ordinary arithmetic — no money, no cookies. Even the production of consumer goods media costs money, to say nothing of the more or less professional movies, series, music, documentaries, etc. Only getting a return in the form of clinking coins, the authors can continue to engage in the production, and we ruble to vote, they need to continue or time to stop and do something else. I think at this stage of disagreements with the esteemed reader should arise, so let’s look at the most popular opinions on how we justify the reluctance to pay for what we watch, or listen.

Throughout the article, I propose to continue to exclude the ethical side of the issue and consider only the facts. To the question “is it possible to take $ 100, if I found them on the street?” everyone is free to answer to the best of my upbringing and sense of honor and conscience.

This cannot be bought in our country

@iPrizrak what about TV series which does not officially broadcast in our country?

— Konstantin Nanasyan (@kostya_nanasyan) January 26, 2016

Perhaps this is the only point that is under a solid ground. Indeed, in the world of the digital era, when all the information is literally at our fingertips, it would be strange to dissuade her not to use it. This contributes to advertising, which is pouring from all cracks, and the opinion of our environment or friends on social networks, and much more. This applies mainly to TV serials in recent years are gaining momentum in our country after the West. Really good and interesting TV shows out quite a lot, and everyone can find something to your taste, based on the preferences of the genre. However, in the Russian market to buy a TV series with Russian translation is problematic, and the domestic serial auto industry is only in its infancy. Today, there are several services that provide access to some of them (AMEDIATEKA, IVI, and nothing more come to mind) and do it legally. But the selection is so scarce that in General we can say that today Russian consumers often have no choice but to watch a good series with semi-professional voice acting somewhere on the site with questionable license clean.

I have no money to buy content

@iPrizrak in dogonku about piracy. Just easy to say when you have the means and can not look particularly in the current economy. position.

Maxim Esenin (@anferovma) January 26, 2016

At first glance, this thesis should cause a wave of sympathy and understanding in the minds of those who read it. Of course, the economy is falling, wages cut, people get fired. It would seem — it’s time to stand up for the poor, a blind eye to piracy for this group of people, and ends in the water. But it is only at first glance. Let’s look at — what do we know about these people for sure: first, they are able to read and write, and secondly, they have an online (and, most likely, they’re paying for it, otherwise where to watch these favorite camrip’s), third, they formed enough to write about, that they have no money for bread in social networks and spend their time actively defending its position. You’ll forgive me for being rude, but I think such people idlers, and their cries that they pirates movie, because they “eat nothing” cheap populism. I’ve been doing jobs on the Internet (in one form or another) and I can say that if you want you can easily earn about 10 000 rubles a month as a freelancer and doing all sorts of jobs that can be found on specialized sites. If you have a style and written language, you can easily find work on sites that will be happy to pay you for content creation. If you know foreign language (or know how to translate with Google English to Russian, you will not remain without additional earnings. And, you can receive calls at home, to do remote consultations, mail processing, and much more, for today willingly pay in the Internet. And all this will take about 2-3 hours per day. But if you all of these advantages have not, then isn’t it better to spend two hours on self-education instead of having to listen to bad dubbing peresvecheno pictures and feel sorry for yourself under the “little white”, purchased for a Christmas bonus?

The opinion above is just my personal opinion about those people who write in social networks that “I’m stealing, because there is no money”, and it refers to the part of the population, which really is only enough money to feed themselves and their families. But these people on the Internet don’t go on social networks and don’t communicate. Not before it, other things going on, don’t you think?

I don’t like what they sell

@iPrizrak I for the original, that’s really, not kidding, try to find multiin the child EN/uk/en preferably with subtitles (for parents).

— Taras Gavriliuk (@tarasga) January 26, 2016

This opinion quite often. The essence of the claims that they need not just movies with a sound track, subtitles in the desired language that the tags were written the way they are used, and file names contain only the characters that takes them to the file server. Necessarily need a specific format of video and audio codec, proper balancing of sound for their system 8.1 and so on. Only I don’t know, and what hinders to buy the film and make him the same thing you do with the file downloaded from the Internet for free? And I have to say that there are special website, and there is just exactly how I want, and it’s not my fault they don’t take money. I don’t believe in it. If such technical nerds are, then they sit and gather your collection in the format that they need. And the rest (often) simply to justify its unwillingness to pay the mythical technical nesovershennoletnie.

I am willing to pay, but they got greedy

@IVPIK1 @iPrizrak price Filia more expensive than in the actual cinema – it’s a reasonable price!? On what parameters do you define [email protected] price?

— Ivan (@iphone6sRUS) January 26, 2016

This is perhaps my favorite argument. For such people “reasonable” price will always be lower than the current. These people said that “we will buy the game, when they will cost is not 1500, but 150 RR”, to the era of the App Store. Today they say “this game red price 15 RUB 75 RUB. let them play in it”. Let this position be left without long comment. In my opinion, this is the case when no comment and talk about a market economy, the formation of demand-supply and other basic fundamentals makes no sense.

I need here and now (and preferably free)

@iPrizrak @alekseysergeev and the rental is not a month for two and half years. Here otvette me, people will wait for half a year!?

— Ivan (@iphone6sRUS) January 26, 2016

What happens if you look at the film today, and after a month when it goes on sale? He will cease to be interesting? It will be removed from stores? There will be nothing to discuss with a fellow student? Or, maybe you catch every moment in my life, wanting to enjoy every minute of it? Then you better go on a rollercoaster or on a date with the second half (if there is one, because the time to explore no need to have time to see everything before the new items on the screen).
For such people I have only one answer — buy a ticket and go to the cinema. Not only will this give you more pleasure but at the same time and fresh air to breathe.

What if I do not like?

@iPrizrak for example Bitterly. Has paid off several times. And the film is disgusting

— badman (@badmanMSC) January 26, 2016

Also a weak excuse. In today’s realities, to cancel the purchase, just press a couple of buttons. Apple, for example, never in my memory has not refused a refund (Yes they don’t have to), whatever the reason for the return you indicated. However, it is worth noting that if you cancel all purchases that they make, that in one moment it can end. That, however, is logical. You don’t cancel the purchase in order to watch for free (this is easier spiratit), and in that case, when you consider yourself to be deceived or disappointed in the purchase.

Willing to pay for a subscription

@iPrizrak buy music through apple’s music, something like that would…movies in the month brought the money and look all you want

— Dmitry Bozhenov (@imitruxa) January 26, 2016

The item I specifically saved for the end. Indeed, the subscription model is going forward by leaps and bounds, which can not but rejoice. How many people (in Russia) use Apple Music, it can be assumed that such a model can substantially reduce the number of users of pirated products. However, not all companies can afford it, and here’s why: for the subscription model pays for itself, the service must have a very large user base, which will be on a monthly basis to pay the wages low for unlimited access to content. Agree that if you pay 169 rubles. per Apple Music was the only user of the service and all 30 days listening to music without restrictions, it is unlikely that the copyright holders (and eventually musicians) would have remained satisfied with their earnings with you. Therefore, in the case of the subscription is always set to the number of paid subscribers. And the more, the cheaper in the end may cost subscription. The same principle applies with watching commercials or banners while listening to music or watching movies. How much do you think one can earn show you a video banner in 30 seconds before watching the movie? As someone who sells advertising, I’ll tell you — if it will pay a ruble (one), you can assume that you are very, very profitable to sell advertising. Other formats (pop-up banners on top of videos or banners near the player) are even cheaper. Even if you insert 10 ad breaks in a two hour film, you can earn 10 (the maximum), and should only be used every 12 minutes. Would you use such a service? The question is rhetorical, of course.

So Apple (and other large companies like Google, Amazon, etc.) has all the features of both technical and financial sense to make the video service available by subscription. Here only a question of price. In my opinion, in Russia a psychological upper limit to the cost of such service is 999 rubles, then how comfortable I would be in the range from 399 to 499 rubles per month. Will we see such prices (assuming that this service will be launched at all) — not sure. On the basis of world prices for these services, the real price in 1500-2000 rubles a month doesn’t seem so unrealistic. But will here is buy is the big question.

Invite you to participate in a brief survey and collect “average on hospital” the notion that you can justify the consumption of pirated content (you can select several options).

Finishing article, I want to show you tweet with comments about what owners who took the right to remove content that they own with rutracker.org. While this mood will be present in our minds, we will stagnate at the threshold of the digital era, afraid to make a small but important step forward!

@iPrizrak of Azaz properly is long overdue pic.twitter.com/bppnzmOpdu

— Jay (@jc_ru) January 26, 2016

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