Can the FBI hack your iPhone?

The issue now is even concerned for those who are far from conspiracy and encrypt data, but privacy and protection of your information. According to Apple, the FBI wants to force her to create the software to disable the number of password attempts on the iPhone and automatically delete data when 10 incorrect attempts. But in this case, if automatic deletion is enabled.

Check out this very simple. Go to your phone settings, section Touch ID & passcode. After entering the password, scroll down and make sure that the toggle switch is included next to “clear data”. It is responsible for automatic erasing data after 10 failed password attempts. I, for example, he was disabled initially, like many in our newsroom.

Simply put, the shooter from San Bernardino itself to include the item that the FBI couldn’t get to his phone. However even if you disable the function erase iPhone will not allow you to cycle through passwords on a while it will turn off and then again will show the password entry screen. But the information’s not going anywhere.

Check for yourself if you have enabled the auto remove by default?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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