Canopy: cover for Apple keyboard Magic Keyboard, which can serve as a stand for iPad

Company Studio Neat have provided the Canopy cover, designed for those who plan to work with the iPad using a brand new Apple Magic keyboard. Pre-orders for the accessory are on the website of the manufacturer.

Canopy is a very compact case and is only slightly increases the dimensions of the Apple Magic Keyboard. Its outer part is made of durable synthetic material, inner side is covered with microfiber. According to the manufacturer, the new product will protect the keyboard from scratches, abrasions and other mechanical damage.

Unfolded Canopy contains a place to mount the tablet or smartphone. In the future the owner of the accessory will be able to use it with any new models of the iPad and iPhone, underlines the manufacturer.

Pre-order the device on the website of Studio Neat. The Canopy cost $ 40.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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