Car: Tesla releases new accessories for iPhone

The company Tesla is known thanks to truly innovative solutions in the automotive industry. Legendary inventor Elon Musk was determined to lead her child in the bright digital future, but apart from the technical achievements of his team and is engaged in far more trivial things. However, the signature style here is not lost one iota.

I think the accessories for mobile phones is experiencing another surge. After the Apple, whose Smart Battery Case fit to bring in textbooks as an extremely good example of free PR at the expense of the masses (well, really, who else can get the whole progressive Internet week to talk about some case?), entered in the race the player is of a different sort. A well-known manufacturer of electric Tesla, a possible collaboration (or competition) with which Cupertino haunting enthusiasts, recently updated its collection of upscale accessories. This, of course, talking about new products designed to cover your Apple product.

Products displayed in the Tesla Digital Collection, made from remaining after the finish of the car interiors of the highest quality leather and, of course, belong to premium segment. The American brand was already selling accessories for the iPhone 5s and iPad, as well as bags, wallets and other leather products, however, the first significant addition to the steel range of stylish covers for smart phones of current generations.

In the best traditions of automobile manufacturer offers optional accessories: for a small fee on the reverse side of the covers you can place two (or 3 in case of iPhone Plus) credit card slots.

The assurances of the Tesla, the new accessories are equipped with special protection, which will not allow attackers to read data of payment instruments using the proper equipment. And to the owner of the case was convenient to use the smartphone in cold weather, in addition to covers the company issued and gloves — of course, for both sexes and is suitable for use with a touch screen.

New items, price tags which are very modest for the premium segment, now available to order online in the official store. The cost of cases that received the simple name Leather Case and Leather Wallet Case, is 45 and $ 50 respectively. Gloves (Leather Driving Gloves) available for “classic” price of $ 100.

It is worth noting that the novelty is very interesting not only due to the combination of elegant design and quality materials. Leather Case in a curious manner reminiscent of the good old days, when leather case accompanied by any self-respecting mobile phone. This, in my opinion, was a special charm, long lost with the changes in the market and the displacement vector of its development towards the widespread simplification.

In any case, the release of such accessories not only once again confirms the popularity of “Apple” smartphone, but it also reflects the willingness of the audience to purchase them for a reputable Supplement. The benefit to do it this time is simple — online Digital Collection is delivered in different countries, among which there is Russia.

By the way, to make a short excursion to the secret laboratory and learn how creates accessories Apple itself, it is possible in this material.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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