Catalyst released a case with an eye for game Pokemon Go [video]

Players Pokemon Go know well that after the tenth level to catch the virtual animal in a pokebol can be very difficult – especially if it happens on the go, especially if he has a high CP. The Catalyst company has developed a case that allows you to make the most accurate throws pokebola and virtually eliminates the chance of a miss.

The device is a case for iPhone with special guides for finger. This kind of “sight” to be installed on your smartphone. When using the accessory will turn off the augmented reality mode and forget about the curveball throws. However, the device definitely will save pokebola that gamers will appreciate, in the place of residence of which little pokescope.

In addition to “sight” for accurate shooting at virtual monsters case Catalyst will make the iPhone waterproof (IP68 protection) to hunt pokemon in the most extreme conditions. Provides a strap for easy carrying of your smartphone.

The case, entitled “Catalyst Tool for Pokémon Go” is already available for order. Accessory fits for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6 Plus. It will cost just $ 10.

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