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Google will inform you that people are talking to Google Assistant

New Duplex AI technology from Google will enable voice assistant call yourself a different company and communicate with operators. According to The Verge, these conversations will be recorded.

Fortunately, due to the laws of the people on the other end of the line will warn about it. They also reported that talking with them is a robot, not a real person. But there is one caveat: the public wants, so that the operators asked for consent to communicate with the machine.

After the …


How to remove virus mshelper attacking Mac owners

All owners of Apple computers were experiencing problems with overheating the device is to test it for the presence of virus mshelper.

In reddit and on the Apple support website began to receive reports of a new malicious software, which overloads the CPU, which in turn leads to reduced computer performance and rapid battery consumption in laptops.

It is unknown what, exactly, constitutes mshelper, and why he spends so many resources. Some victims of the virus believe that it is …


The developers have asked Apple to give users opportunities to try the application before purchase

Shortly before WWDC programmers created the “Union of developers” to make Apple a series of proposals for improving the App Store.

Edition of WIRED reported that app developers have United in a Union which advocates for changes in the App Store and Mac App Store. First, the Association requires Apple to enter in the app stores trial period, to allow users to test their products prior to purchase.

“Union of developers” have created a website where he published an open letter to …


Auditoria Fortnite on Twitch 4 times more than the nearest competitor

In March of this year Fortnite updated record PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds number of players online – 3.4 million users to 200 thousand people more than gathered PUBG.

Servers Fortnite not always withstand the load, and the team began looking for the experts in adapting the system to a larger number of players.

The brainchild of Epic Game made up of such indicators is largely due to the rapper Drake. He gathered a record number of viewers on the stream Fortnite – 607 …


It is finished: now the game from Steam you can run on your smartphone!

In early may of 2018, Valve announced that iOS and Android will appear the Steam Link. It seems that it will happen very soon, since the beta version of the app already available on Android.

Steam Link will enable owners of smartphones to launch your favorite games from your Steam library right on their mobile devices. They will be included on the PC and streamed to the phone screen.

Now anyone can download the app from Google Play and test out the service. But there are …


The release of AR glasses, Apple Glasses will be held in 2021

Apple may release a device with augmented reality in 2021. Apple analyst, gene Munster predicts that 10 million units of the Apple Glasses in the first year of an exit device.

Apple CEO Tim cook has already laid some of the Foundation technologies for AR such as ARKit and the use of dedicated optics AR in iPhone.

Not very successful Google Glass in 2015, add a spoonful of tar in AR, as well as the hostility of society towards people who wear cameras and record everything they …


Apple has released iOS 6 beta 11.4

Apple released the sixth beta of iOS 11.4 comes just three days after the release of the fifth beta. This is quite unusual and can speak volumes.

The release of several beta versions of iOS in a row could mean the imminent appearance of a new stable system for the iPhone and iPad. The company has already acted this way before. But it could also be a bad sign.

Earlier this week there appeared information about the problem in security protocols EFAIL. This means that the …


Apple Pay earned in Ukraine

Payment service Pay Apple was launched on the territory of Ukraine. This was announced by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk on his Facebook page.

Yet Apple Pay is only supported national PrivatBank of Ukraine and State savings Bank of Ukraine, also known as Oschadbank. List of working with banks over time will only grow.

Tim cook reported during the latest earnings report from Apple. He also mentioned about the emergence of Apple Pay in Poland and Norway. In total, the service …


The designer showed a concept iPhone of the future

Designer from Designing DBS introduced, might look like the future iPhone based on the latest rumors, reports Cult Of Mac. Spoiler: little change.

The main change, which is reflected in the concept of the triple camera. According to rumors, in 2018 the main the camera will get an additional module. It will achieve a five-fold optical zoom shots. According to the designer, the camera should not protrude from the body.

Nowhere did the cutout for the sensors Face ID. Although some …


Apple again replace the batteries in the older models of MacBook Pro

Apple has launched a replacement program for the battery in Macbook Pro with Retina display mid 2012 – early 2013 release, reported by Cultofmac.

Earlier cupertinos had to replace the battery absolutely free because customers had to wait long until the battery will go to the service center.

But today the company has adequate supply of batteries for the Macbook Pro that is older than 5 years. Now when there is no need to wait for parts, Apple produces a replacement for $ 199.

The replacement process is complicated by the fact that the battery of the MacBook Pro is soldered to the body. There is a set of components that includes a keyboard, trackpad, speaker grilles. The only way to change one part is to get them all. Apple is not so easy to replace just the battery, it …