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App to track phones teenagers leaked thousands of accounts Apple

Parents used to trust the applications that maintain sensitive information about children. But the TeenSafe app does not think so.

The worst that can happen with an Annex containing confidential information – failure in the sphere of security. Researcher safety Robert Wiggins found that TeenSafe, a mobile app that allows parents to track Teens location, left data from thousands of user accounts on two servers Amazon.
One of them did not contain anything other than test data, …


6 important tips for those who shoot with the iPhone

In most cases, to make a good shot on the iPhone, it is enough to point the lens and press the “shutter”. However, there are a couple of tricks that will simplify the process of shooting and make some photos better.

Lock exposure and focus

The iPhone to adjust the lighting in the frame, you need to change the exposure value, and focusing simply click on the subject. Everything is simple, but auto focus in iOS can cause problems. Any change in frame can lead to factory reset, so after …


How to upgrade to legal content and not to suffer

Tell how not to screw it up on the subscriptions and purchases, as well as why to quit piracy.

Legality — the eternal fuel for Internet disputes. Discussion about causing pirate activity harm, or Vice versa, creates an additional marketing products, will never cease. But by 2018, it became clear that services and applications for money not to run. Or sacrifice convenience or pay money. Tell how to step into the territory of legal content and not screw it up.

Analyze media consumption …


Main missed. Why is the keyboard — the mandatory purchase for iPad Pro

On the eve of WWDC 2018 and the release of new tablets, we remind you why the Smart Keyboard is an indispensable addition to the iPad Pro.

In November 2017, Apple released one of the most provocative commercials. His main character is a girl who will not part with their iPad Pro. When the mother asks her what she’s doing at the computer, she is puzzled, asked: “Whats a computer?”.

People, this innocent remark openly grazed. IPad Pro again rolled unreasonable wave of criticism over …


In Dubai almost built a giant iPod

According to reports by Business Insider, at the end of 2018 in the Business Bay district of Dubai will have completed the construction of 24 storey tower, resembling an iPod.

The erection of the building commenced in 2006. The architect of the project was made by James lo from Hong Kong, which reveal that the source of inspiration was the legendary player Apple.

Initially, the construction was completed in 2010, however, due to the desire of customers to implement the most …


Facebook and Instagram not working

18 may at 16:00 Moscow became inoperative some of the services of the company Zuckerberg. Among them is a website and mobile application Facebook, and the social network Instagram. This is reported by “Vedomosti”.

Every time, if you want to open a page of the aforementioned services, pop up the following message:

“Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on it and we’ll fix it as soon as we can”.

In the case of mobile software out or network error, or just not …


Overview of mega-secure messenger Signal

It is considered that the most secure instant messenger in the world – Telegram. But, as it turned out, the title is still contenders. We will focus on the application Signal.

The only goal followed by developers when creating a Signal – to make correspondence and phone calls as safe as possible. Think they got it, but unfortunately, to the detriment of everything else.

The pros and cons of Signal

Have a lot of Signal problems: there are bugs, slow, not always getting …


Samsung dedicated iPhone a whole commercial

To advertise a brand new flagship Galaxy S9, Samsung has not invented anything better than to compare it with iPhone 6 2014 release.

New video tells about a woman old iPhone 6 which now and then brings it while traveling. The main character surrounded by happy people with quick and reliable Samsung Galaxy S9.

The lady turns to the Apple Store where she’s told that to solve the problem, replace the battery.

Given that is was released in may 2018, and the scandal about the iPhone …


Viber not works worldwide

Users of Viber have reported failures of the messenger, writes TASS. The crash occurred at around 14:00 GMT. Most with the problems faced by people in Russia, including in Moscow, Tyumen, Perm, Cheboksary, Samara and other cities.

As you can see on the chart, starting from 2 PM GMT users can not properly use the application. Users are experiencing problems connecting to the messenger, sending messages and the status of “online.”

About the problems are also actively …