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It became known that the service providers will block Telegram

Information Agency “Interfax” has learned that Russian Internet service providers will begin to block Telegram.

Although the decision about blocking Telegram was made on Friday, April 13, to take any action there is something just a few days. According to the official procedure of blocking, the service owner needs to get some time to yourself to disable access to it.

Roskomnadzor is going to send the Internet service providers used Telegram address Monday. After that, access …


iPhone 6S Plus will do in India

The Indian factory is already Wistron iPhone SE. Maybe soon this company will be responsible for producing one of the most long lasting models of smartphones Apple — iPhone 6S Plus. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

The company has already produced a trial batch of handsets at the plant in Bangalore. If all goes well, mass production will be launched in a few weeks.

Apple has moved production of some models of iPhone in India to make smartphones more affordable for local …


Google is Apple’s replacement for the standard iPhone apps

Each iPhone comes with a set of built-in applications. Fortunately for those who are not satisfied, there are excellent analogues from Google that together form the whole ecosystem.

Why Google

iOS is famous for its ecosystem that greatly simplifies the use of the devices. Largely this is facilitated by the official Apple apps that work in conjunction. So, substituting, for example, the built-in calendar also best to download mail, browser and other Google.

In addition, …


How to configure Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac

Apple Pay is extremely convenient and useful for purchases in stores, online, and apps. The feature is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac and 9to5Mac provided detailed instructions on how to configure it.

First and foremost is to check supports one or the other Bank, Apple Pay: it’s easy to do on the Apple website. You can then proceed to install features.

On iPhone and iPad

  • Need to open settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Add credit or debit card. If
  • 0

    In the network appeared renderings of the new iPhone X in gold and red

    The release of the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED made a lot of noise in the network, and provoked the rumors that the iPhone X can get the new color. The publication iClarified shared a fresh batch of renders from Martin Hajek.

    X because iPhone is somehow a status thing, the designer decided to present it on the background pair of shoes Christian Louboutin. Black and red smartphone good echo the finish of the Shoe.

    According to Martin Hajek’s images, iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED will …


    US police buying alternative iPhone

    Expensive tools to unlock the iPhone in high demand from the American police and help the guards order to access suspects ‘ phones. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

    In the spring of 2018 was presented razblokirovki GrayKey. This device was developed by company Grayshift, among the founders of which there is at least one former Apple employee.

    The device is available in two versions: for $ 15,000 you can buy a device that can unlock the iPhone 300 times. For initial settings of …


    Pavel Durov refused to recognize the actions of Roscomnadzor legitimate

    Journalist and head of the International human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov published in group news stories about the trial of Roskomnadzor on Telegram.

    — Pavel Durov forbade his lawyers to participate in tomorrow’s court proceedings on the suit of Roscomnadzor to the Telegram so as not to legitimize outright farce with his presence.

    By the way, later Chikov wrote that to go with the Telegram, even if the lock will not:

    — Is the audience of telegram are so stupid …


    This is war: Roskomnadzor demands to immediately block Telegram

    As informs “Interfax” that Roscomnadzor has gone to extreme measures in opposition to Telegram. The Ministry demanded to immediately block instant messengers in Russia.

    Roskomnadzor has addressed in Tagansky court of Moscow with the requirement about immediate Telegram lock for Russia if they took the respective decision.

    “This court case involves the dissemination of information, and because the Telegram is not provided with the keys to decode messages, we declare the petition …


    Annual updates are not necessary. iOS and macOS is better to upgrade every two years

    Explain why the pompous annual releases — marketing evil that needs to be buried for the sake of stability and ease.

    The situation is this — in June, Apple will hold another conference for developers. Will show a new version of iOS, watch OS, and macOS. May provide minor upgrades of the iron. Decomposed maximally predictable, but since this is the last big event before the release of the new iPhone, waiting for him. And for good reason.

    The fact that WWDC it’s time to make a closed …