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Pavel Durov thanked users for their support and promised to sponsor administrators VPN and Proxy

Pavel Durov commented on the first 24 hours of blocking the Telegram and announced the creation of “Digital Resistance.”

Durov accused the Roskomnadzor to block millions of IP addresses of servers Amazon and Google. The founder of Telegram also explained why he cares so much for Russian users.

Thank you for your support and dedication Telegram – together we managed to survive the first 24 hours of blocking.

As shown last night, in their war with the progress of the …


Roskomnadzor could block everything except the Telegram

16 April 2018 operators have begun to block access to Telegram in Russia. Two days because of the actions of Roskomnadzor disrupt the many services and Telegram continues to work.
Team messenger is not going to just give up. As promised Durov, Telegram has a built-in method to bypass the lock. The application sends notifications of the technical with the new addresses of the servers. Yesterday Roskomnadzor has put in place to block more than half a million addresses. By the mid-17th April in …


How to restrict access to information on the iPhone lock screen

In order to protect themselves from prying eyes, users may limit access to information on the iPhone lock screen. About how to do it, reports 9to5Mac.

One of the things that Apple cares most of all confidentiality. This concern is manifested in the entire ecosystem of the company, to the extent that iPhone owners can decide what will and what will not appear on the screen of the smartphone when it is locked.

In order to protect the lock screen iPhone and iPad, you need to: …


The love of the French President to Telegram forced the authorities to create their own messenger

The French government is concerned about the habit of the President to discuss important issues in the Telegram and is about to launch a private secure messenger.

According to the publication Reuters, the French government is concerned about the level of security of the data stored in the correspondence of the President and other members of the government in various instant messengers, including Telegram.

On the background of the situation with Roskomnadzor and a court order on …


According to rumors, Spotify will submit a new application and competitor HomePod next week

Based on information from the invitations to the presentation of Spotify. The Swedish company will soon reveal a totally refreshed app with voice control. This publication reports The Verge.

The focus will be on new opportunities to interact with the service using voice. Spotify a long time testing this feature, but only now are ready to present it to all users. Apparently, the engineers managed to bring it to mind.

There are also rumors that Spotify will significantly …


Roskomnadzor blocked more than half a million IP addresses from Amazon-Telegram

Telegram has found a way to bypass the blocking with dynamic IP addresses. Roskomnadzor found out about it and blocked more than half a million IP addresses Amazon.

Pavel Durov announced details on the built-in way to bypass the lock. It is assumed that every 15 minutes in the Telegram’s IP address changes. Messenger uses Amazon servers, so Roskomnadzor blocked 655 352 IP addresses, Amazon.

It is reported that the Telegram used only a few dozen addresses, and the other …


Telegram is working again without the VPN and Proxy

A few hours after the start of the blocking, instant messenger started working again without the need to install additional tools. But not so simple.

Despite the fact that Telegram is officially blocked in Russia, it continues to work. According to the head of the “Agora” — the legal organization that represented the interests of the Telegram in the court — Pavel Durov has set a “minimum objective is to delay the decision to block at least until the end of 2017”. Perhaps the …


“Father of the iPod” Tony Fadell believes that Apple must tackle the problem of dependency on the iPhone

A former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, known as the “father of the iPod”, told Wired that Apple should follow the dependence on the iPhone, and compared the use of the gadget with the principles of proper nutrition.

“When it comes to digital “food”, we don’t know what “vegetables”, “proteins” or “fats”. What is “excessive” and “insufficient” weight. Looks like a healthy and reasonable life. I think that manufacturers and application developers must take responsibility before …


The police used a photograph of fingerprints from WhatsApp to identify the suspect

The police of different countries have learned to use mobile phones in the fight against crime. This time militiamen managed to identify the suspect on photos hands saved in WhatsApp.

According to the BBC, the Welsh police got a smartphone during a search of the house where presumably lived a drug dealer. After examining the contents of the device in correspondence to WhatsApp has been found images, which the drug dealer offered his goods. The photo wasn’t the face of the suspect, …


The head of Roskomnadzor promised to block tools to bypass the lock Telegram

16 March 2018 in Russia stopped working Telegram. Many users began to look for methods to bypass the lock, and the head of Roskomnadzor has promised to block them.

The head of Department Alexander Zharov asked a question about blocking VPNs and other tools that are able to unlock the forbidden services. The position of Roskomnadzor remains the same: he will continue to deal with such services.

If you pay attention to the law about the organizers of information dissemination in which …