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Samsung smartphones again started to burn people’s property

Recently a resident of Detroit lost the car due to the fact that one of its smartphones caught fire in the road.

The woman reported that while she was driving, her Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S8 lay nearby. Suddenly one of them ignited and in a few minutes the car burned to the ground. The victim almost died.

“I was just driving down the street, turned the corner and suddenly saw a flash of light with sparks,” the woman told local reporters.

The incident occurred …


In the network appeared the schemes of the iPhone and iPhone Plus X X 2018

Earlier this month, the Internet appeared the image of 6.5-dulmage iPhone Plus X and 6.1-inch iPhone. But now the network has posted a detailed schematic of the dimensions and other aspects of their design.

The 6.5-inch iPhone

The future flagship iPhone Plus X 6.5-inch OLED screen with a ratio of 19:9 and the enclosure with the dimensions of 157.2 x 77,1 mm. This makes it even more compact than the current iPhone 8 Plus size 158,4 x 78,1 mm.

There are rumors that the next …


Xiaomi lost one billion dollars before the IPO

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi reported net quarterly net loss of 1.09 billion US dollars. This happened before the first public IPO – Reuters reports.

Compared to the previous 2017, is not so much. Then the company lost of 6.85 billion US dollars, according to Xiaomi. And her situation continued to improve: net profit for the first quarter of 2018 amounted to 162 million dollars against 608 million for the whole of 2017.

The sale of Xiaomi smartphones in 2018 increased by …


No mining on iPhone — Apple has released new rules for apps related to cryptocurrency

Apple introduced new recommendations for application developers involved with cryptocurrencies. According to the Corporation, it will help to speed up the approval process and getting apps in the App Store.

“Regardless of whether you are a new developer or an experienced team of programmers we are glad that you are creating apps for the App Store, and want to help understand our requirements, so you can be sure that the application will speed the review process.

Applications …


New items #xboxE3: Return of the Battletoads, Just Cause 4, the mobile version of Gear of War and other games

In the conclusion of its conference call Microsoft said that waiting for a series of games Gears and returned the legend from childhood.

Jump Force

At the end of the conference the guests were shown some crazy anime crossover in which characters from different universes is necessary to overcome evil, decided to destroy the home of people. Looks weird.

Dying Light 2

Fans of the first part of Dyin …


New items #xboxE3: Devil May Cry 5 DLC for Cuphead, Session, and other games

At E3 was presented a new part of the top slashers of the last decade and many indie games.

Devil May Cry 5

Perhaps the most important release of the entire conference. The previous part of the Devil May Cry literally blew up the gaming industry. The project received a lot of positive reviews and really impressed. The new part will not be worse.


At E3 showed a new game skate not Tony Hawk. Given the fact that the latter had died long ago, such projects are …


New items #xboxE3: Update PUBG, Halo Infinite, The Division 2 and other games

Microsoft continued the E3 conference, announcing the addition to PUBG and the new part of exclusive racing simulator.

Player Unknown”s Battlegrounds

The developers PUBG announced a big addition to his game. It will be a war mode, which will have to compete for two large groups of players, and a new winter map.

Forza Horizon 4

In a racing simulator, Microsoft also focused on the seasons. In Forza Horizon 4 players waiting for a shared online world and dynamic world. The changing …


New items #xboxE3: Crackdown 3, We Happy Few, 76 Fallout and other games

The second day of E3 began with a presentation Microsoft. The company unveiled 50 new games. Talk about the most interesting.

Crackdown 3

The third-person shooter Crackdown 3 once again showed at E3. This is one of the biggest exclusives of Microsoft, won the players in 2007, when he published the first part. The new game will be an online mode, new abilities and much more. The release of the game will take place in early 2019.

The Happy Few

It also introduced a new …


As watchOS 5 was yet another reason to buy Apple Watch

Tell how one update back the clock to Royal status.

Trio autumn Apple updates 2018 (iOS 12, macOS Mojave and watchOS 5) is sure to become a modern classic. Their love for the functionality, the emphasis on stability and thoughtfulness. Obvious favorite in the list is the operating system for hours. Explain with simple arguments, why is she forced to go to the store and finally buy a Apple Watch.

In hours came fun

Is excessive pressure on the fitness, as it was in last year’s watchOS …


Announcements, EA E3: Battlefield V, FIFA 2019, Star Wars, Anthem and other games

The E3 conference began with a presentation of Electronic Arts, at which he spoke about a new subscription, Battlefield V, FIFA 2019, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Unravel 2, Sea of Solitude, NBA Live 19, 19 Madden, Command & Conquer Rivals and Anthem.

Origin Access Premier

EA CEO Andrew Wilson has announced a new subscription Origin Access Premier. With its help you can synchronize your save across platforms and to new games. Subscription will start this year. The exact date and …