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Apple released iTunes 11.2 beta 1

Apple released the first beta of iOS 11.2 for developers.

In iOS 11.2 beta 1 we focused our efforts on fixing bugs and improving performance on older devices.

In addition, the system received some minor changes.

  • Fixed an issue where cannot correctly display the selected emoji;
  • Returned the Feedback application;
  • Fixed a bug in the calculator.

Earlier beta versions of iOS 11.1, the developers have added new set of Emoji, AirPlay 2 and returned the 3D …


Why the next Google Pixel should do Xiaomi

Such solution has no cons.

While Apple counts the pre-orders for the iPhone X and knows how to satisfy a huge demand, Google soothing drink and fight with a flurry of negativity.

The main reason for rabies – a failed update Google Pixel.

If HTC (author Junior “Pixel”) with the mission coped more or less tolerable, the LG screwed up a little more than full.

XL-the flagship of the incorrect color display, the pixels of its screen fade and from the housing you can hear …


First encounter with X iPhone [Video]

YouTube is flooded with videos c has not yet arrived in the sale of the iPhone X. On the videos showing the new functions on the screen of the gadget.

Apple gave journalists the opportunity to write down first impressions about the new flagship smartphone. Some lucky people have already shared their emotions from the experience with the iPhone X.

Bloggers focus on the appearance of the device, the work function FaceID and updated features of the camera. Lit up on the video model …


Ming-Chi Kuo: major updates camera TrueDepth in 2018 will not

Analyst of KGI Securities believes that Apple will not repeat its mistakes with the models in 2018. That is, problems with the production and supply of components, as it was with iPhone X should not occur.

“We believe that problems with the supply of component parts for Apple smartphones in 2018 will not occur. Significant changes camera TrueDepth will not. Most likely, Apple is using the same point in a projector and infrared camera as in iPhone X. Now the components are delivered …


Why the Apple engineer was rightly fired for video of his daughter with the iPhone X

So are large corporations. Humble.

Last week in the States has died down a sad but instructive story. The daughter of one of the engineers Apple has long blokovoe recorded video, which for a few minutes in the shot of the iPhone X.

“This is exactly “ten”, not “x”!” – chirped a plump blonde and her dad were there and also poked in a new iPhone. Then the girl briefly showed the iPhone interface X, walked around the applications and moved on to another topic.

Again: the …


Google Pixel 2 was supposed to come with headphones included

4 Oct Google introduced its new smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. As it turned out, initially, complete with gadgets was supplied headphones.

This Twitter began to let users who have already managed to get new smartphones. According to buyers, inside the package there is a compartment under the ear-plugs and guidance for their use. The headphone is not included.

“My Pixel 2 came with an empty slot under earphones in the package, and mention of them in the leadership,” says one of …


Google Assistant now supports Apple Music

Google has added support for the Apple Music for voice assistant Google Assistant. Now it can be used to control playback of the music streaming service of Apple.

Apple is often criticized for the fact that she limits the ability of the voice assistants from third party companies. However, new features with integration of system services still appear.

Now Google Assistant, you can connect Apple Music, then you will be able to switch tracks and search for your favorite song …


iPhone X waiting

In the network appeared the photo X iPhone boxes waiting to be sent, as well as a short video unboxing of the new flagship.

Pre-order the iPhone X started on 27 October 2017. The first batch of smartphones were sold out in less than 30 minutes, and waiting for sending to future owners.

Blogger Benjamin Gaskin posted on Twitter a photo of the boxes ready to ship iPhone X. fortunately, none of the family of blogger is not working in the Apple and will not be fired for such …


11 reasons to buy the iPhone 6S instead of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X

IPhone 6S were really good. This smartphone was released more than two years ago, but Apple still sells it. And this is for a number of reasons.

iPhone 6S compared to iPhone SE the iPhone 7. It is time to compare it with iPhone models submitted in 2017 — iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Externally, the iPhone 6S is almost indistinguishable from the iPhone 8, especially if you look at the front panel.

There are at least 11 reasons to choose the iPhone 6S instead of the new flagships: …


Apple encouraged developers to update apps for iPhone X

27 Oct 2017 began pre-order the iPhone X. on the same day Apple has asked developers to release updates of applications based on the design features of the new flagship.

On the Apple website for developers, there was an announcement calling on developers to dedicate a week before the release of iPhone X setting up and testing their products. To work correctly, some programs need a serious attitude adjustment.

To do this, developers can download the latest version of Xcode 9.0.1 and …