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Three iOS apps for those who have Pets

Recently it was found that in the App Store, despite the diversity of programmes, not so many applications for those who have Pets. Here collected are some of the tools useful for caring owners.

Tractive GPS Pet Finder

Those who have a young and active animals, you know that the puppy may, effortlessly, off the leash, and the cat — to run out the open door, and then it will have to search long.

Application developers Tractive GPS Pet Finder tried to solve this problem …


In the Russian villages with a population of more than 100 people will be free Wi-Fi

The Russian President instructed to establish in the Russian villages public Wi-Fi access points, says RBC. The implementation of the project will be engaged in “Rostelecom”.

Vladimir Putin asked the government to prepare amendments to the law “On communication”, providing for installation in settlements with a population of at least 100 people. The project is now piloted in some localities with population from 250 to 500 people.

“The project is working very successfully, and I …


Roskomnadzor has unlocked the almost 8 million IP addresses that used the Telegram

On the evening of 7 June Roskomnadzor unlocked around 8 million IP addresses, most of which belong to Amazom. Previously, the Agency reported that Amazon refused to cooperate with the Russian authorities.

On said website “Esher II” which monitors the health of the registry of banned sites. According to him, unlocking started at 18:45 Moscow time. Later, Roskomnadzor confirmed the information to Interfax.

“Unlocked part of the Amazon subnets and a single subnet hosting provider …


What’s in my iPhone — advanced somatocyst Drafts 5

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal to users.

iPhone, in addition to all the features, and the most brilliant in the world of typewriter. Yes, set on a conventional keyboard is still faster and neater. But smartphone gives you the freedom. Texts no longer have to be sitting in front of a computer or holding a laptop on your lap. They are available everywhere.

However, if we restrict ourselves to such a common expression, it will not move far. …


TOP 3 free games in the Mac App Store

Not the most popular in the Mac App Store, a lot of good games, but usually they are very expensive. Fortunately, there is plenty of free options – MacDigger represents a selection of the best.

Almost all of the selected games contain in-app purchase – unfortunately, nothing is completely free does not happen. But they won’t interfere with the gameplay, but only help to achieve the best results in a short period of time.

World of Tanks Blitz

Won in his time an incredible …


Google threatened separation and a huge fine

Google could face a huge fine of 11 billion US dollars from the European Union and to be at risk of separation. As Business Insider reports, the company accused of monopoly.

The money issue will be finally resolved in July 2018 and the search giant will likely have to pay a fine. But the situation may take a more serious turn and …


How to do sports in the 21st century

To play sports, not necessarily to go to the gym – enough to install a special application and not to be lazy to exercise. MacDigger editors have selected those, which will really help to get in shape.

In the world where you can enjoy a meal at home, to work, not getting out of bed, and use of robots for harvesting, the need in sports is lost. Fortunately, many continue to enjoy daily Jogging, pushups, holding planks, squats and other things.

But, thanks to technology, all this …


Morning developer at WWDC: the terrible trainer and Powerbeats 3 gift

Apple pays more attention to the health and active lifestyle. Therefore, the conference for developers WWDC together with Nike has organized a series of running sessions. Participants received instruction from leading coaches and prizes.

Early morning on June 6 in San Jose began with a training Run WWDC. The developers, armed with your iPhone or Apple Watch and Nike+ Running, gathered at a conference center named after Machinery.

In front of them with a welcome speech …


New iOS 12, on which the Apple was silent on the presentation

WWDC time frame often does not allow Apple to talk about all new operating systems, so the company focuses only on the most important. But this does not mean that smaller changes are uninteresting.

Tabs in Safari

Now for your iPhone X in a horizontal position displays the entire list of tabs, like on the iPad. To switch to another tab, no need to open a list of all used web pages and flipping to the right.

Full support for third party password managers

Fans of 1Password and …


New feature Shortcuts for Siri will love only programmers

Function Shortcuts for the voice assistant Siri could become the favorite tool for programmers. Editor of 9to5mac admitted that among all the latest updates from Apple, it Shortcuts got his attention.

Apple was one of the first who introduced a voice assistant to the masses. Recently, however, people have ceased to give preference to Siri and in its side it was a lot of negative criticism. The latest update is of no interest to the average user of the iPhone, but can bring many benefits to …