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Watch Apple released OS 2.0.1 and OS X El Capitan 10.11.140 review

In addition to iOS 9.1, today Apple provided a new version of Watch OS, and desktop operating system OS X El Capitan. The update is already available for download in the App Store (for hours — with the iPhone app).

What’s new in OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan? Improved the installer, updating to OS X El Capitan, compatibility with Microsoft Office 2016, fixed bugs in the mail and added new Emoji.

The new Watch OS has also been many bug fixes — in particular, the problems with …


Download: iOS 9 available to all!698 review

Wait — a new version of mobile operating system from Apple is now available for download! If you are ready to ensure that a fix pack will take several hours, feel free to go to “Settings” and start the rotation of cherished gear.

What you get by installing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a new version of the firmware? This radically updated the Notes, and modified multitasking, and new features of the Mail and Photos app, and a smarter Siri, and much more.

Perhaps the most intriguing …


iOS 9 is rapidly sweeping planete review

Not much time has passed since the release of iOS 9, and most users have already updated to the latest version of the mobile operating system from Apple. Recently became available the brand new official stats from the company from Cupertino, which told how the owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch remain on iOS 8 and previous versions of the OS.

Just one week of iOS 9 was installed on every other iOS device, for comparison: iOS 8 it took almost a month and a half. But even after a month …


News Republic update: stay tuned for news of any country!11 comments

App News Republic for easy reading of operational news long ago became “native” to many of our readers. And one of the most desired features was the ability to add foreign news in Russian editor to be aware of events around the world from the horse’s mouth. The developers listened to their users and released an update News Republic code number 5.4.

Now you have access to not only news of Russian Newspapers, news agencies and portals, but also the agenda from more than 1,500 providers in …


How to use “Help with Wi-Fi” on iOS 944 review

In the recently released iOS 9 very much new, but some features are not evident. Perhaps someday you will tell about them in the standard application, but we can’t wait. About the function called “Help with Wi-Fi” we spoke before the release of iOS 9, but today, finally, everyone can get at it. We will tell you how to do it and why.

Sometimes, sitting in some institution we are connected to Wi-Fi. The speed of the network is not good enough, but the iPhone already has it memorized and will …


Apple wanted to help with Wi-Fi, but not smogla review

IOS 9 feature “Help with Wi-Fi”, which automatically uses cellular data if a wifi connection is bad. It seems convenient, isn’t it? When low speed connection the phone switches to the cellular operator resources. But not everybody appreciated such care by Apple.

Against the company from Cupertino has been sued for five million dollars, reports 9to5Mac. The aggrieved party argues that Apple is not properly explained, how does “Help with Wi-Fi”, and accuses the Corporation in the …


How to put music from Apple Music on Budilnik review

Still Wake up to “Wave”, “Ripple” or “Radar”? It’s time to diversify your morning and make more drive and positive. How? Put your alarm clock every million tracks from Apple Music.

Although Apple claim that you have no rights to the music from the streaming service, it can still be use for normal listening. To upload songs, of course, will not work, but then Wake up to your favorite song — easily. To do this, open the Clock application, select the tab “Alarm” and start editing one of …


Apple has released iOS 9.1709 review

Only Apple has released an update of its iOS operating system 9 to version 9.1. So, what’s new?

– Live Photo feature is now able to recognize when the iPhone is raised or lowered, and these movements do not affect the creation of the images;
– Added new emoji;
– Improved stability and performance of your Music, Photos, Safari, etc.;
– Fixed bug with scaling in some applications;
– Fixed a bug in the Mail app when you work with POP servers.
– Fixed activation error for some mobile …


Apple released the first beta of iOS 9.2158 review

An hour ago the developers have become available to install the first beta version of iOS 9.2. The operating system was released just a week after the public release of iOS 9.1 and contains a number of improvements and innovations.

9.2 on iOS got an update the extension for the view window in Safari, which can now be third party. Other improvements and changes are also related to the work standard browser for iOS. Otherwise, if you believe the developers, all standard — performance …