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Paid apps in the App Store got a trial version

Apple has released an update on the management of the App Store, which changed the policy of distribution of trial versions of applications.

Most companies and private entrepreneurs do not agree with the policy of Apple in regards to paid apps. In this regard, in may 2018, a group of independent developers came together and formed the organization of The Developers Union. They demanded that Apple to introduce a function of trial for all programs. Today, June 5, it became known that …


How to create Memoji on iPhone X

One of the major innovations of iOS 12 — the emergence of personalized Animoji. Now everyone can feel like Kim Kardashian. Edition MacDigger says how to create your animated smiley.

Memoji will only appear in iOS 12. A new version of the operating system will be released in the fall of 2018. Until the official release to try out personal Animoji can developers and program participants of the open beta. The innovation will work on smartphones with Face ID.

In order to create …


Presentation WWDC 2018 in numbers

On every Worldwide Developers Conference Apple executives, in addition to demonstrations of new systems, a lot of talk about what the company has achieved over the past year. Yesterday’s WWDC 2018 is no exception.

This time it was announced a number of figures related to the number of users of certain products, increases in productivity and customer satisfaction. Also the well-publicized data regarding iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

App Store and developers

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Лучшие бесплатные игры прошедшей недели

Sunday evening is the best time to download some new games and gear up for the long work week.


The game’s graphics are reminiscent of the familiar to many “Hedgehog in the fog”. The story tells about the adventures of the little furry creatures traveling through the mysterious forest and escape from the evil predators.

The app …


Apple introduced ARPKit 2: augmented reality will finally become useful

AR technology will soon allow to measure the items dynamically to display new content, and work (or play) in cooperative mode.

Apple few minutes ago presented iOS 12, after which the stage WWDC came Abhay Paradis, Executive Vice President and CTO of Adobe.

He spoke about a new stage of cooperation between Apple and Adobe, which iOS will be a new application for developers in the field of augmented reality (Augmented Reality, AR). This application will allow, for example, to insert …


New Photos in iOS 12

As part of a major iOS updates, Apple has added 12 new functions to the “Photo”. The material is updated.

Now it’s possible to mention “key points” and important for the user and to sort events by time and place.



Russia got to ten the countries with the cheapest Internet

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, Russia pushed from fifth place in the ranking of countries with the cheapest mobile Internet. Now the state on the eighth.

All of the powers fee for network access is constantly decreasing: today, the average price per GB in Russia – 65.2 rubles, and in February 2017 – a hundred rubles. Despite this, in 2018, the country overtook Poland, Venezuela and India.

In may this year, the average cost GB worldwide amounted to 280,49 …


Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

Tell why the notification is evil and how to make them not enraged.

Until came the WWDC, it’s time to discuss what’s wrong with the major mobile OSes on the planet. Fortunately, a favorite at the mercy of is ready. This notice.

On iOS they fantastically bad notification mercilessly clog up the lock screen, are distracting and confusing. Remember every time you take an iPhone in the morning — there already were about a dozen notifications. To understand them, usually, no one lacks …


Where to listen to music in 2018

Music by subscription – trend 2017, but questions about which service is better, do not cease till now. Edition MacDigger decided to understand independently and make your selection best.

The list includes only those services that operate on the territory of Russia. Let’s start:

Apple Music | 169 rubles a month

Apple Music service that is primarily intended for owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac. They often pay attention to it, although a client for Android too. It’s very …


What’s in my iPhone: Contacts Journal CRM — contact management system

Many people who lead an active social and business life, often need helpers, collecting in one place all the most important information. Contacts Journal CRM is one such application.

The program can be installed for free. First, the user will have access to a limited version. Later, if you want, you can switch to paid mode.

Contacts Journal CRM can download iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Also there is a paid version for Mac.

Main functions:

  • sync with all your