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IPhone SE 2 will still be the unibrow

31 may to Twitter by Sonny Dickson, a photo appeared of a protective film. Judging by its form, it is designed for iPhone SE 2, the screen seems to be a cutout under the TrueDepth camera.

Film located adjacent to a similar accessory for the iPhone X. At first glance they are, except size, are very similar, but looking closely, one can notice the differences. For example, a cut in iPhone SE 2 is much less than the iPhone X.

This means that the budget Apple smartphone will get …


An anonymous source told what will be the Fallout 76

According to the source close to the development, announced on 30 may Fallout 76 – not a traditional single player RPG and an online RPG for survival. Perhaps Bethesda will present something similar to DayZ and Rust.

Three people, who wished to remain anonymous, so as not to hurt his career, confirmed that Fallout 76 is a new experimental game in a post-apocalyptic world. After the teaser a thought that Fallout 76 – a remake of Fallout 3 or something in the style of Fallout: New …


Apple is looking for a developer helmet virtual reality

On the Apple website appeared a job offer, which indicates that the company creates its own helmet of a virtual/augmented reality.

In the job, “the developer of the framework of a three-dimensional user interface” (3D UI Frameworks) States that the applicant will work closely with ARKit and Metal 2.

This is the first news on the work of Apple in the field of virtual or augmented reality for a long time.

Jobs in says:

Frameworks visual interfaces Apple determine software …


The artist has introduced the concept of a flexible hybrid MacPad Pro

Artist Kevin Noki created a concept device that combines the best features of MacBook and iPad Pro. It can be used as a giant tablet or as a small laptop.

In 2019, you should see the first devices with flexible screens and this hybrid is an example of how it can be used to develop technology. Video concept appeared on the channel Demonstrates. According to Gnocchi, is the result of six months of design, creation of animations, editing, and rendering.

MacPad Pro in action


Do not upgrade the iPhone to the flagship now. I have to wait until winter

Tell how to update the iPhone, and what to do to those who urgently need a smartphone.

With the start of summer comes the “dead season” — the time to update iPhone is already unprofitable. Current models will soon become obsolete, but still sold at full price. The older generation of devices is also getting ready to pass in performance due to the dying batteries and the upcoming iOS update. In wanting to change the phone in such conditions one ally is patience.

Will need a fair …


That’s why next year Apple will sell more iPhones than ever

Global sales of iPhone in 2015 may have changed users buy the same number of devices. Next year Apple has the opportunity to break the ice and bring the smartphone market to a new level.

Many Apple customers use smartphones a few years and not rush out a new model. According GBH Insights, in the next 12-18 months about 350 million iPhone owners buy a new model.

People will want to upgrade when Apple will release a smartphone with a new design, but at a more affordable price. …


Nintendo announced the Pokémon Quest for iOS

May 29, Nintendo has announced several projects, including a new game. It’s already available for Nintendo Switch, and the iOS will appear next month. About it reports Polygon.

Judging by the reviews, Pokémon Quest really is different from all previously published series products. It’s an action game which takes place on the island Tumblecube. The user will wander through it and collect items, food, treasures, and more.

In the game you will control a Pokémon and, in addition to …


The network got the iPhone X in purple and turquoise colors

The portal TechnoCodex shared photos, which he claimed depicted the prototype iPhone models 2018. These images allegedly obtained from the manufacturer in India.

Back phones are very similar to the iPhone X: they have the same rounded edges, dual cameras with built in flashes. The single most striking difference – the new acid colours, which is very unusual for Apple.

If you believe the pictures, then at least one model of 2018 will get either purple or turquoise colors. …


New in the App Store from 23 to 29 may

Talk about the latest innovations in the world of software.

Things 3.6

Popular task Manager Things received another major update this Monday. At this time the developers have focused on support for a plug-in keyboard in iPad. Now the application interface can be controlled directly from the keyboard without touching the display. Move tasks, create, delete, search. Now all this can be done using only keyboard shortcuts.

Also on the screen moved the function Type of Travel …