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How much will iPad Pro in Russia?67 comments

Although the target audience is the iPad Pro, submitted in September this year, quite narrow, many are concerned about the price of this device in Russia. And while Apple flaunts the inscription “Available in November” that the Russian Resellers have become available some information.

During the presentation, users are wondering what iPad Pro in the maximum configuration will cost about 100 thousand rubles. “Analysts” were wrong not by much: according to several sources close to the …


Where is cheaper to buy iPad in Russia: October 201512 comments

We continue to compare prices on Apple equipment in Russia among official Resellers — under the gun today editors were iPads. Who offers them at the best price, and who, to put it mildly, “zazhralis”? Will now describe.

Prices on new devices (iPad mini is 4) still dictates Apple — few risks to fall below the official price tag. The exception was “the Messenger” — it implements the majority of the tablets at very competitive prices.

A little behind Svyaznoy M. Video …


Apple patents multi-function docking station for iPadКомментариев no

Recently the U.S. Patent Office has published new information about the Apple’s new invention. It is a multifunctional dock with magnetic attachment.

Patent application entitled “Magnetic stand for electronic devices” was filed in the winter of 2013, but received approval only now. In the description of the invention is some sort of stand with the system and not only magnetic mounts for iPad.

As shown in the following figures, a foldable, the tool is able to adopt different positions. In …


What everyone wants for the holidays? Right, iPad24 comment

Quite often us retailer Best Buy is conducting research to find out what people are going to give (or want to get) this holiday season. Each time the list and the leaders are different, so watch out for such information even more interesting. This time Best Buy has released the list of “Top 15 tech gifts in 2015”, and many he has already managed to shock.

In the first place is an iPad (which version is not specified — apparently, the records were all generations), second place went to …