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iPhone locked? How not to fall for the tricks moshennikov comment

Recently in the Network has sharply intensified the scammers that use the Safari browser on the iPhone or iPad becomes impossible: the entire screen POPs up a message that the device is locked and supposedly it can be removed after payment of a fine to the phone. It usually appears after visiting malicious sites, and not everyone knows how to get rid of this window. There are even cases when users were transferred to the fraudsters for several thousand.

Of course, no one your …


Advertising new iPhone 6s with Jamie Fox and Siri20 review

Three short commercials from Apple have appeared on the YouTube channel. As usual, each video talks about one of the features of Apple devices, and this time attention was paid to the iPhone 6s. Not done in this time without the stars. In two commercials starred a favorite of many, actor and musician Jamie Foxx, who not for the first time advertises Apple products.

New roller Jamie Foxx communicates with Siri. He wondered about their appearance and asks to help with this role. Siri helps …


Star NBA advertises “Live photo” in iPhone 6s8 review

The iPhone 6s not so much new features, but Apple keeps them short commercials. Recently an advertisement appeared with actor Jamie Foxx, and the new clip NBA star Stephen Curry became the main protagonist of “live” photos taken on the iPhone 6s. As you know, a new 15-second commercial on the new “Live photo”.

In the video there is nothing unusual, except a great save Stephen Curry. He throws the ball to the basket and turns to the camera. He couldn’t see it, but his throw was very accurate. …