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Siri spoke about the changing voice and the new HomePod

Responding to a question about the World Wide Developer conference next month, assistant at Apple, shared some interesting news: Siri gets a new voice which will be introduced in the updated column of the HomePod.

Apple employee Post found changes to Siri, first asked:

“Hello Siri. Tell me about WWDC”.

The first answer was: “Siri will get a new voice!” For the second time on the same question, Siri answered: “I will Have a new shiny home. Well, not really shiny, more of a mesh …


Fortnite developers will pay the best players $ 100 million

Company Epic Games, Fortnite created, will arrange competitions and are willing to pay players 100 million dollars in the next two years.

This is a truly impressive amount, which far exceeds the prize Fund of the most popular Dota 2 tournament – The International.

Fortnite recently, Battle Royale has appeared on iOS devices and brought the company Epic Games, over 126 million dollars. And this despite the fact that the game itself is free. Money can only purchase in-game …


Microsoft teaches Cortana to proper communication

Microsoft acquired a company called Semantic Machines developing artificial intelligence to help voice assistant Cortana to conduct natural conversations.

The technology uses the power of machine learning, allowing users to discover, access and interact with information and services much more naturally with very little effort, wrote technical Department Director research and development AI David Ku.

Moreover, Microsoft will create a “dialog center for artificial intelligence,” in …


In honor of the Royal wedding issued a commemorative iPhone

It turns out that not only Russian Atelier Caviar decorates iPhone gold in honor of memorable dates. On the occasion of the wedding of the British Prince company Goldgenie has released a gold iPhone 100 X.

Fans of the British Royal family can purchase iPhone X, the frame of which is inlaid with 24 carat gold, nearly $ 4,000 on the website of the company Goldgenie. Rear panel of the device is decorated with the silhouette of the groom: British Prince Harry and his lady — American …


“Venerable iPad” helped to conduct the Royal wedding

19 may 2018 the wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle. Part of the wedding ceremony was led by Bishop Michael Curry, he read the text from the screen of the iPad, reports Cult of Mac.

The priest did not have to scroll through the text during the service. Most likely, the iPad was a special application. For example, PromptSmart Pro recognizes your voice and automatically pulls up the text on the screen for later perusal. A Teleprompter allows you …


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will release in July

The newspaper Korea Herald spread word about early mass production displau for Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

It is expected that Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in July of this year, a month earlier than expected. Despite the slow sales of other flagship smartphones S9 and S9 Plus the release of a new phone just need for Finance. Company officials believe that Samsung will start production in July to work on new displays for the iPhone, which will begin in September. …


In WhatsApp there will be group calls

Group calls WhatsApp is one of those features that was announced during Facebook F8 conference in 2018 in early may.

The company is without a doubt, this feature checks and monitors the challenges she might face when the full launch. Therefore, the possibility to test the new car appeared in only a limited number of users.

There is a method with which you can check whether or not group calls or not. You just need to make a video call to someone, and if the function is present …


App to track phones teenagers leaked thousands of accounts Apple

Parents used to trust the applications that maintain sensitive information about children. But the TeenSafe app does not think so.

The worst that can happen with an Annex containing confidential information – failure in the sphere of security. Researcher safety Robert Wiggins found that TeenSafe, a mobile app that allows parents to track Teens location, left data from thousands of user accounts on two servers Amazon.
One of them did not contain anything other than test data, …


6 important tips for those who shoot with the iPhone

In most cases, to make a good shot on the iPhone, it is enough to point the lens and press the “shutter”. However, there are a couple of tricks that will simplify the process of shooting and make some photos better.

Lock exposure and focus

The iPhone to adjust the lighting in the frame, you need to change the exposure value, and focusing simply click on the subject. Everything is simple, but auto focus in iOS can cause problems. Any change in frame can lead to factory reset, so after …