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Apple closed testing iOS 9.2143 comment

iOS 9 turned out to be one of the most problematic versions of the mobile operating system of all time. Fortunately, Apple has thought suddenly in time and has released an update, fixing most critical errors. However, there is no limit to perfection, and, apparently, in Cupertino are already working on the iOS version 9.2.

This good news was shared by the American 9To5Mac, revealing a surge of suspicious activity on its website. The diagram below shows a graph of site traffic from devices …


The iPod maker told why he left Apple15 review

Contrary to popular belief, the iPod is not an invention and exclusive merit of Steve jobs. On the creation of the most revolutionary player in history was a whole team of specialists under the strict guidance of Tony Fadell, who was forced to leave the company for mysterious reasons. Details of his dismissal he told the Guardian.

The fadell was a key figure in the creation of the iPod, while in the position of senior Director of the Department for the development and production of “Apple” …


Siri will not talk to you about music if you have not signed up for Apple Music17 review

Voice assistant Siri is unlikely to want to talk to you about the latest trends in music, if you have not paid for a subscription to Apple Music. This became known in the course of our experiment.

The term three-month free subscription to music service from Apple for many came to an end. Those who did not wish to renew the subscription for the money, you will not be able to discuss with Siri the latest trends in music. Interestingly, only English-speaking assistant was so intractable, …