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Apple released macOS Sierra 10.12.1 error correction

Apple released a public version of the update macOS Sierra 10.12.1 designed for Mac users. The release comes a month and a half after the start of testing. This is the first update for the desktop platform, which has become one of the most popular among owners of Apple computers.

The first update for macOS Sierra improves stability and compatibility with Apple computers and is recommended for all users. In this release, the developers have prepared a fix basic errors public OS, as well …


Three new laptops Apple certified in Russia on the eve of the official presentation on October 27

Last week Apple sent out to journalists invitations to the presentation, which will be held on Thursday, October 27, in the headquarters of the Corporation in Cupertino. The event called “Hello Again” campaign, according to rumors, is preparing to introduce a new MacBook. Sources say that there are two fully updated versions of MacBook Pro and new MacBook modification. Now the rumors about the new products have received important confirmation in the documents of the Eurasian economic Commission …


Mini-Silicon valley: how Russia is going to catch up in the field of high technologies Apple and Google

With the help of the industrial complex “SKOLKOVO”, Russia intends to advance the field of high technology to Apple and Google, reports Inosmi. The number of startups in this area grows, however, foreign investors do not hurry to Finance them.

A look into the past of Russia allows to identify the potential of today’s Russian specialists in the field of modern technologies. Programmer Alexey Pajitnov in the 1980s, developed a computer game Tetris, which became a classic, the native of …


Autumn sale: 11.11 and Black Friday is the best time to buy a new gadget

With November come not only wind and snow, but good moments – for example, the feeling of the upcoming holidays. Where’s the holidays – there is a large expenditure. People have recorded this pattern, and now try to be purchased at great discounts, which also come in masse in November. In this review, we will explain how to make maximum use of future sales.

But first a bit …


Analog television in Russia will be turned off in 2018

Analog television will be completely disabled in Russia in 2018. This was stated by the Minister of communications Nikolay Nikiforov. According to him, the state will cease to subsidize the analog broadcasting such a format may be sustained only in a few regions.

“Of course, in 2018 will be turned off analog broadcasting. In fact, there was a shift from 2015 to 2018 due to the fact that, again, reduced funding, shifted to the right building. Therefore, time is objectively moved,” said …


Apple may introduce a MagSafe-adapter USB-C together with the new generation MacBook Pro

It is known that the MagSafe connector has saved more than one thousand MacBook from falling after accidentally meshed wire. This magnetic interface, so if a user accidentally touches a wire or forget about it, taking a laptop in hand, detachable cable without causing mechanical damage. The transition of the new MacBook on USB type-C, supporting not only data transmission, but also the supply, deprived users of the benefits of the proprietary magnetic connector Apple. However, according to …


Free utility FlagSwitcher solve the issue with erroneous switching of keyboard layout on Mac

How many times have you had to erase the text and type the phrase because of a wrong keyboard layout? The problem is familiar to many. One may envy those who do on the keyboard each key only one letter, but it will not help. There are many applications that help to reduce the frequency of such unpleasant cases. The most popular of them is Punto Switcher. It allows you to automatically or manually correct the layout of the typed text. But today we will tell about the program that helps prevent …


All that is known about MacBook Pro new generation four days before the official presentation

October 27, Apple will officially unveil the new MacBook Pro that will get the most radical update in the last four years. Completely redesigned computers from “professional” series of Mac laptops come out in thin and light body with the 13 – inch and 15-inch displays.

Fresh lineup of portable computers will be presented in a new form, which is close to the 12-inch MacBook. The latter, as known, are characterized by an ultra-slim body, absence of a luminous logo of Apple and a USB …


10 reasons to forget about Windows and go to macOS

Many have heard about Macs that they are better than their Windows counterparts. Often such reasoning lacks specifics, so in this article we list 10 reasons that can motivate even the bedrock of a Windows user to switch to a Mac.

1. A single manufacturer of hardware and

Yes, this is the main advantage Apple and her path, chosen by Steve jobs at the dawn of the founding of the company. Of course, the path of licensing its OS to different hardware manufacturers is more economic — and we …


Top 7 programs for Windows, which should be immediately removed

Perhaps you are reading this on your Mac, but a laptop or virtual machine with Windows you most likely have. For example, in order to solve using the OS from Microsoft the tasks in macOS to solve very problematic. In this case it makes sense to use the guide to remove unwanted apps on Windows.

First of all, where to find these installed programs. If you have Windows XP, please delete it entirely or find other use for it. If you have Windows 7, 8, or 10, then go to settings and type in …