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Apple offers owners of the old iPhone to buy iPhone XR

Apple continues to promote iPhone XR. The company has started sending emails to owners of older iPhone offer buy iPhone XR discount.

In the letter, Apple lists the advantages of the iPhone XR compared to the device that holds. One of Macrumors readers has provided a screenshot of the letter, which stated that the iPhone XR three times faster than the iPhone 6 Plus.

Simultaneously, the company proposes to buy an iPhone XR under the program trade-in discount of $ 200. Thus, the …


Qualcomm refused to sell the modems for XS iPhone because of litigation with Apple

Chief operating officer at Apple, Jeff Williams said that Qualcomm refused to sell LTE modems to the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. The reason was the lawsuit between the two companies.

Apple and Qualcomm in addition the court also to find out the relationship of the Federal trade Commission of the United States. On Monday there was made chief operating officer of Apple Jeff Williams. He spoke about the details of cooperation between Apple and Qualcomm.

According to …


United Airlines has removed the banners, which said that Apple is the largest corporate client

After in mass media there was information that the Apple daily buys 50 seats in business class, United Airlines and spends a $ 150 million, the carrier has removed the posters.

United Airlines has confirmed the authenticity of the banners, which were placed in San Francisco. According to the company, it was a test project that is already closed.

“This information was provided to the employees of United Airlines within the framework of a limited pilot project focusing on San …


One of the largest suppliers of Apple barely reached the projected financial performance

Dialog Semiconductor has managed to achieve the projected net profit, despite the fact that 75% of its revenue dependent on Apple. This is one of the few suppliers that has not suffered from weak sales of the iPhone.

Dialog predicted that in the fourth quarter of 2018, its profit will be from 430 to 470 million dollars. According to the report, the company in the fourth quarter it earned $ 431 million.

Apple is the largest customer Dialog. But the company was lucky because her …


The production of smartphones will be reduced by 19% in the first quarter of this year

Analysts at Credit Suisse predict that the production of smartphones in the first quarter of 2019 will be reduced by 19%. Thus, the number of smartphones will fall to the level of 2013.

According to analysts, global production of smartphones is still falling, and when it will stop is unknown. In the fourth quarter of 2018 staff, Credit Suisse announced that production will be reduced by 3% compared with the previous quarter, to 357 million units.

In the first quarter of 2019, …


Apple was forbidden to play music simultaneously on your iPhone and HomePod

Reddit users and 9to5Mac reported that Apple was forbidden to play songs from the Apple Music simultaneously on iPhone and HomePod. This feature must be initially.

Before the Apple Music subscribers can play one song on the iPhone, while the smart column HomePod lost another piece. This feature was in the column from the beginning, but a year later Apple has disabled it.

First reported by users on Reddit, then confirmed the information by 9to5Mac. First, the owners of the speakers …


AirPods and 4 gadget Apple, which have the most reasonable prices

Paul Gorodnitsky calls not to whine, but to enable rationality.

High prices — the main reason to hate Apple. You can go out to interview 100 people with Android devices to and 90 will say something in the spirit of “Yes, Tim cook is out of line! To pay for you’re going! I’m not a fool — you pay for your candy, the sectarians”.

In short, the pricing policy of the company from Cupertino is really annoying and discourages those who used to pick things up, focusing solely on the …


Samsung has announced the date of the presentation of the first smartphone with bangs

While everyone is discussing how Apple is going to abandon the bangs to the iPhone, Samsung is preparing for the launch of his first smartphone with a cut — Galaxy M.

Samsung have a large range of smartphones in different price ranges. Is flagship Galaxy S series and Note, mid — budget Galaxy A and Galaxy J, and C On. Soon the lineup will be replenished with another series — the Galaxy M, which will take place between the smartphones in the budget and mid-price segment. …


Artificial intelligence creates images of delicious food that doesn’t exist

A team of researchers from tel Aviv University have developed a neural network capable of reading the recipes and create the image that, in its opinion, represents the finished dish.

A team of three developers, a Bar ori e, ori Licht and Netanel Josephian, have created artificial intelligence with the help of a modified version of generative adversarial networks (GAN) called StackGAN V2 and 52 thousand combinations of images/recipes from a giant dataset recipe1M.

In fact, this …


Pwn20wnd has released a new version of jailbreak utility for

Hacker Pwn20wnd has released the final version of the jailbreak tool unc0ver v2.1.1. About this developer said on Twitter.

Pwn20wnd announced the release of unc0ver v2.1.1, quoting all the recent changes in this build:

  • Optimized the jailbreak process;
  • Fixed bug in handling settings, which updates the icon cache when you reinstall OpenSSH;
  • Optimized code the settings to make the jailbreak more efficient.

Given the optimization and all the updates that were included in …