Caviar has released the iPhone XS, antique mechanical games

Caviar a Russian company that manufactures luxury accessories and smartphones, has introduced a series of iPhone XS, decorated with images of vintage mechanical games, namely, maze and Wheel of Fortune. The cost of the gadgets is said to start at 300 thousand rubles.

Labyrinth of composite stone with a Golden ball is a Gothic building, in which the designers were inspired by the antique Cathedral located in the French city of Chartres, not far from Paris. On the floor of this Church is a maze, created in the XIII century. It symbolizes the earthly life of Jesus Christ, the life of each person and finding the right solutions. The model is presented in two colors. Price – 319 000 rubles.

The passion predictions and the desire to obtain answers to questions over human nature since time immemorial. Therefore, when creating the next design, the Caviar used classic ball, to help make decisions. The wheel of Fortune placed on the housing, the decor of which is borrowed from a clock on the tower of San Marco in Venice. Inside the wheel you can discover the answers to philosophical questions that concern every human being. Cost 314 000 rubles.

According to the creators of the Games collection of Grand Complications, they realized that “the modern world a favorite toy of every man is smartphone. It was decided to add a game that appeared many thousands of years ago”

In October 2018, Caviar has released a series of iPhone XS with the built-in housing mechanical Swiss watches that start manually.

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