CBS journalists found out the main secrets of Apple

The headquarters of Apple in Cupertino is one of the most mysterious buildings in the world, to get in from the street is simply impossible. Many dream about that for a minute to look in the secret room of this office, and last weekend the journalists of the American channel CBS for the first time succeeded excursions to the most private rooms of the campus.

Within the TV program “60 minutes” journalists were able to see how your meeting management Apple, a top-secret laboratory of design jony Ive and the store of the future from Angela Arendts. In addition, the host of the show Charlie rose was lucky enough to talk to Tim cook and ask him a few uncomfortable questions. We would gladly announced this program in Russian language, but not going to do that because of possible conflicts with copyright holders. So just bullet points describe everything new that we learned from the episode of the show “60 minutes.”

Each week begins with meeting management

If you log at the helm of Apple, every Monday at 9am you are required to attend a meeting where management discusses everything that happens in the company and will occur in the future.

In the Apple there is always competition among its own products

“It is necessary that each of our products are challenged for their place next to the user and user’s time, says Phil Schiller. ā€” the iPhone should be so beautiful that you don’t know why you iPad. iPad have become so beautiful that you don’t know, why do you have a laptop. The laptop should become so perfect that you don’t know, why do you have a desktop computer. The goal of each product is to compete with other products”

Over the iPhone camera employs hundreds of people

The iPhone camera creates 800 engineers and other professionals who are engaged in this for a full working day. The chamber consists of 200 separate parts, and some of them are incredibly small. For example, the thickness of four wires that hold the motor autofocus, is 40 micron, which is thinner than a human hair. When you create a snapshot on iPhone is 24 operations.

Perhaps the Apple Watch are already 3 now

Talking about Apple Watch, Tim cook said:

“When we launch a new product, we are already working on the next. And probably already and on more new… We always look at what more we can do”

Tim cook doesn’t want to talk about the Apple Car

Answering a direct question about whether there is in Cupertino driverless car, cook with a smile says that “Apple is more secret than the CIA”. In fact, another answer we didn’t expect. The possibility of an Apple Car is equal to 50 percent of either developing or not.

Apple will not let the law enforcement agencies in iOS

“If there is a loophole, someone will find, says Tim cook. ā€” Some people suggested we create a kind of backdoor. But the reality is that if you open a backdoor, then it will be available to anyone: as the good guys and the bad”

In other words, cook reiterated Apple’s position on the protection of confidential data and rejected the possibility that some of these data will be provided to governmental entities.

Cook angered questions about tax evasion

“It’s just political nonsense,” he said the words to rose that Apple is accused of participating in a “complex scheme” in which she paid almost a penny to us $ 74 billion of proceeds received from foreign subsidiaries.

“This is not true at all tomorrow, said cook. ā€” Apple pays every dollar of taxes owed”

Dependence on Foxconn to at least do with a desire to reduce costs

Tim cook noted that Apple manufactures its equipment in China not so much to reduce costs, many in relation with more highly qualified employees Foxconn. According to him, China is very much focused on improving the production process and the professional development of workers. The qualification level of workers in the United States continues to decline, while in China, more effort is spent on the training of qualified personnel.

“Spaceship” Apple is revolutionary

During the tour of the site of the new campus Apple Joni Ive has admitted that he played a key role in its development. At the time of filming on the site was employed 3500 workers and was brought from Germany 3000 sheets of curved glass with specially constructed equipment will be installed in the building.

“This is the largest piece of curved glass in the world, proudly pointed to johnny and said that he has already secured himself an office on the upper deck of the “space ship”.

See the entire episode of “60 minutes” in English on the official CBS website at this link.

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