Cemetery “Tesla”: all that is known about a future Apple car

Apple is working on its own car — or at least its “brains” — an open secret. Of course, in Cupertino that has never officially confirmed, but it is a well known fact. But what we do know and what we don’t know about the development, according to rumors, with the code name Project Titan?

Apple vehicle or on the basis of the Apple should be out in 2021, says Delfi. Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is aiming for 2019, but in the process something a lot went wrong and the date was repeatedly postponed. 2021 is not final, despite the fact that the project employs about 1,000 engineers.

Apple has never officially confirmed that it is working on the car, but ahead of time I bought a couple of domain names, hinting to the appearance thereof. In particular, we are talking about apple.car and apple.auto.

Since the project is secret, no one really knows where actually to go to work. Sources indicate Frankfurter Allgemeine Berlin and Vienna, and the Irish Independent claims that Apple is developing a road project in Cork, the estate in which with 2014, it has invested more than $340 million.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the Cupertino-based company rented the former Pepsi plant in California is doing something weird in the space of about 9 thousand square meters. In addition, some sources claim that the company booked time at the site GoMentum in California, which also used Google and Tesla.

Like many large corporations, the development of Apple can be simply decentralized and working on a new project, especially in such an early stage as Project Titan, can be carried out in different countries. Given the fact that Apple was in talks with BMW and Daimler — it is logical that some jobs may go in Germany and Austria. By the way, the negotiations came to nothing, anyway, as it is known Handelsblatt.

How does auto Apple? Nobody knows. The WSJ believes that we are talking about the minivan.

But if it comes to that, the Project Titan can be not a car but a platform for cars. As previously mentioned the current head of the company Tim cook (Apple’s not about cars and all about cars), the interface of modern cars — not the strongest side of them. “If you name the top 10 things you love in the car, the interface will probably not be in this list,” said cook.

Remember how Apple changed the mobile phone — that it hurt to change the car? Well, maybe the lack of Steve jobs.

If Apple makes their own car, it will be 100% electric. No wonder she made friends with some South Korean battery manufacturer.

But this “if”. So far, everything points to the fact that it is still on the platform for cars. Either Apple begins with her. For example, it hired Dan Dodge, founder of QNX — built operating system that is used including the cars. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on an Autonomous car but not the car itself. At least at this stage of the development of Project Titan.

It also points out that Apple representatives met with officials from the DMV of California to discuss issues related to machines by robots. Well, the fact that the company was in talks with some car manufacturers — although BMW and Daimler refused — also points to that.

Although… it is difficult to dismiss and from the fact that, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine, Apple also negotiated with the engineering firm Magna, and led them in Vienna. Plus in the Treasury of rumors that the development of Project Titan underway in Europe.

The company also pumps up Project Titan talents. In July of this year, Apple has transferred the project to Bob Mansfield, former senior Vice President for hardware development — he headed it. Apple also hired David Maskevich, former senior CNC programmer Tesla, and Kevin Harvey, a former supervisor CNC-workshop Andretti Autosport.

However, Elon Musk, head of Tesla, believes Apple employees talents. “We jokingly call Apple the “Graveyard Tesla”. If you didn’t get the Tesla, you’ll definitely take it to Apple. And I’m not even kidding”, he said.

But he is, of course, just jealous.

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