Ceramic Apple Watch Edition will cost as much as the new iPhone 7 Plus

In addition to the announcement of a new line of iPhone 7, Apple introduced the second generation of the Apple Watch, explaining that pre-orders for the new devices will be accepted from September 9. Of course, if we talk about the new Watch, all the attention attracts new ceramic version. It is understandable, ceramics are highly exquisite material, and according to Apple — also very durable, so watch out of it is very well protected from scratches.

“Apple Watch Edition is now available in a stunning ceramic package. It is a work of art. Ceramics is one of the strongest materials in the world. It can be four times harder than stainless steel, therefore, the case is the Apple Watch Edition, made of ceramic, very resistant to scratching,” explains the company.

All this, of course, wonderful, but what about price? But this just is not so rosy. The fact that the ceramic version of the Apple Watch will cost not less than $ 1249 per case size 38 mm and $ 1299 for the version of 42 mm, nearly equal to the cost of the iPhone Plus with a RAM size of 256 GB. And please note that these prices are relevant only for the American market. For Europe and in particular Russia it will be much sadder.

The standard version Apple Watch Series 2 will cost 369 USD (the same price will have a version of “Nike+”). For more exclusive version of the Apple Watch Hermes with signature straps and the overall performance will have to pay at least $ 1149.

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