Check the Apple WWDC attendees endurance

Apple invites all visitors to WWDC work out right in the course of the conference.

Check the Apple WWDC attendees endurance

“Since the evening of the third of June, earn points by wearing your Apple Watch, and closing the ring activity. Just download the program “Test” on the iPhone and allow it access to the data in the Health app, including information about the fill level of the rings activity. In order to earn more points, you can form teams up to four people. If every member of your group will be closed for three rings by the end of the conference, you will receive extra points and exclusive award,” the official Apple invitation for the coming competition.

Also in the schedule in the corporate application was discovered an event called the Nike Run Club. Probably Apple together with the sports brand collect part of the visitors on a group jog.

Overall, both events are in the spirit of Apple, given the focus of the Corporation on the sport, fitness and health. The company pays these aspects much attention. In particular, when it comes to a branded Apple Watch. This device has forced many people to move, and also helped them lose weight. Likely, Apple will continue to attempt to make their buyers with the world of physical education.

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