Chubais: no state of Apple in Russia do not create

In Russia to build a big tech business Apple from scratch without state support is impossible. This was stated on the forum Vestifinance Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of UK “RUSNANO”.

If the founders of Apple, Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak started their business in today’s Russia, they would have great difficulty, said the official. Their Empire they began to build in the garage, it was there that he collected the first computer. When they registered the company, I focused solely on the production. They didn’t have mandatory staffing, work rules, books of accounting of checks, invoices. At this stage such an approach is impossible, says Chubais.

Without government support, sophisticated production or big business is not new. Of course there are exceptions, but they only prove the rule, he said. As such exclusion Chubais led factory “the crystal”, which produces sapphire glass for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

“Try to build a business in Russia from anything at all is incredibly difficult. There are such examples. There is a company in Stavropol – “the crystal”. In it, our share is very small. They all from nothing made a world leader in the sapphires – 35% of the world market for sapphire substrates. Sit tight – do not lean out, the state does not help, as they develop. But it’s the exception that proves the rule,” — said the head of “RUSNANO”.

“If you want to build industry, it is impossible without a state”, – said Chubais. “No state in Russia no shit you can’t do that,” he added.

“It’s thousands of questions, ranging from technical standards, sanminasci standards, building codes, utility infrastructure, ending benefits, without which it is impossible – the entire alternative energy, all from USA, Germany to Japan, is government incentives,” – said the head of “RUSNANO”.

“Let my fellow libertarians will go to South Korea and see how she has built up over 25 years a huge nanotech industry by using state of the dictatorship”, — said Chubais.

At the time, Eldar Murtazin, leading analyst Mobile Research Group, in response to the question about the possibility of the emergence of Apple in Russia said:

“In Russia there is no free enterprise, no spirit of innovation, and therefore there is no company like Apple. I can’t name a single Russian company that was born in a garage and developed into a large Corporation. The main monopolies were formed in the 90s, often on a state basis, and now we are reaping the fruits.”

However the expert believes that in the future it is possible. Russian analog of Silicon valley, SKOLKOVO is considered to be. However, we know that the creation of the first in the United States took 70 years. And, as stated by former Apple marketer guy Kawasaki, anyone who believes that something like this can appear faster, or very much of an optimist, or an idiot. In addition, in the States, there was no plan to create Silicon valley. All happened by itself.

In other words, the hope that Russia will have Apple there, but small. For purity of experiment you need to wait another 63 years, to be sure.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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