Chuwi returns to buyers of tablets and laptops to their full value

In the framework of the promotional campaign for the “Fans Day” manufacturer Chuwi announced a campaign under which it will reimburse the purchasers the price paid for your tablet or laptop. The campaign will last until 29 may, inclusive.

In order to become a party to the action, you need to purchase one of the devices of the company: Chuwi Lapbook 15.6 cost $ 199, the hi10 Chuwi Plus for $ 168, Chuwi the hi10 Pro for $ 168, Chuwi Lapbook 14,1 for 259 dollars, Chuwi Hi12 for 239 dollars and Chuwi Hi13 for 339 dollars. Every day on the website of the stock is announced one winner.

On the website of the campaign “Fans Day” you need to leave information about your order: screenshot of the order, the store where purchased, order number and email address.

Also the buyer needs to publish photos of the unboxing of the device and give feedback in social networks, noting the official page of Huawei, Facebook: @chuwidotcom, Twitter: @chuwidotcom.

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Clifton Nichols

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