#CICINAS | Karaoke, solar charging, remote control and docking lamp

We continue our rubric, which will tell you more about low-cost accessories and devices from China, is able to give us what we hardly ever get from Apple itself. Today we have prepared a selection that will allow you to turn your iPhone into a remote control, enjoy karaoke and charge your gadgets in style.

Just note that the category is not advertising, because we have no commercial relationships with suppliers of the described products. In addition, we do not encourage you to buy those products, as we discuss: wandering through the online stores, you can purchase an item that you want more. Our goal is to tell you about the existence of these accessories. Don’t get confused by links to Chinese stores do not always perfectly Russified. These online shops in Russia in recent times are no worse than domestic, and offer free shipping, insurance packages and a money back guarantee.

The first person involved in our list is a stylish bracelet with beads that does not only beautify your wrist but also allows you to charge your iPhone or iPad. C one side has a Lightning connector and a USB port. That’s the simple way you can ensure yourself a permanent ability to charge your gadget, of course, in the presence of nearby adapter or portable battery. The cost of the accessory only 228 rubles, you can buy here.

By the way, the charging can also be converted into a pleasure, if to get these water – and dust-proof portable battery. Best of all is the presence of solar cells that will save you from eternal dependence on the outlet. Attached the battery to the backpack using the supplied carabiner clip — and problems can be forgotten. Price — 1600 rubles, sold here.

This accessory is unlikely to buy in any store in the neighborhood, and functionality of its charms. Insert four AA battery’s, charge them and can charge from all this design your iPhone or iPad. Magic, isn’t it? Buy this device here at the price of 1100 rubles.

In concluding the subject of the charge, present this product, which not only will charge your iPhone and Apple Watch, but also will decorate your interior and will even light up the room. This docking station integrated table lamp, whose position can be adjusted according to your convenience. Is by Chinese standards a lot, but worth it. Link to buy — here, price — 4914 rubles.

And this is a fun gizmo for 372 of the ruble can turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for the TV and not only. Insert it into the headphone Jack, install the special application and can manage your favorite appliances via infrared interface. Buy via this link.

And for dessert, we offer you a very interesting accessory for fans of karaoke. In App Store there are already a large number of applications with which you can pleasantly pass the time singing favorite songs. But if connect via Bluetooth, this microphone with built-in speaker — you can get even more fun. Is 5058 rubles, sold here.

Of course, this list is far from complete, and we would be grateful if you share it in the comments links to similar accessories for products from Apple. I would also like to know what category of products you would like to see in our next article.

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