#CICINAS | Virtual reality, a selfie stick and wireless charging

We continue our series where we tell you about low-cost accessories and devices from China, is able to give us what we hardly ever get from the Apple. Today we have prepared a selection that will allow you to immerse yourself in virtual reality to charge your iPhone wirelessly and do mind-blowing selfies.

In any case, we note again that the category is not advertising, since we do not have any commercial relations with suppliers of the described goods. In addition, we do not encourage you to buy those products, as we discuss: wandering along the online stores you can buy a product that will suit you more. Our aim is to tell you about the very existence of these accessories. Don’t get confused by references to Chinese shops are not always ideal from a multi-language description. These online shops in Russia in recent work is not worse than domestic, and offer free shipping, insurance packages and a money back guarantee.

For a start I will tell you about two accessories that will give you the opportunity to consume VR content using the iPhone and dedicated apps, which number in the App Store continues to grow steadily. The first person involved in the collection of headset called BoboVR, designed for poor buyers.

Sold by BoboVR for 885 rubles and represents a more convenient version of Google Cardboard with a comfortable fastening. It is possible to insert a smartphone with a diagonal of 4 to 6 inches and quietly enjoy the content at the maximum resolution of 2 K. to Buy a accessory at this link.

If you really want to immerse yourself in virtual reality that they are ready to shell out for 1115 rubles, I advise you to pay attention to a headset called Xiaozhai 1S. Its advantage is the ability to adjust the sharpness for each eye, and also in the presence of the controller, connecting via Bluetooth. It will make your journey through the virtual world interactive, and hence even more exciting. The smartphone is securely held suction cups supported by a range of screens — from 3.5 to 6 inches. To purchase a headset here.

To write about selfie-sticks that sell for pennies guests from Central Asia have any tourist attractions, a thankless task. However, if you have not become owners of this new-fangled accessory, we picked up a couple of exhibits that deserve your attention.

For a start — budget version that has all the necessary basic set: secure attachment, a comfortable handle and the shutter button that connects via Bluetooth. However, the most important is that produces this accessory company Xiaomi, which has a very serious reputation. There is a miracle less than 1000 rubles and sold here.

A far more impressive example is a selfie monopod company from Adyss. It also has everything you need, but compares favorably to one key detail — built-in led flash that allows taking self-portraits even in pitch darkness! To the iPhone this stick connects via the audio input and (attention, ladies!) has the “Golden” version. Price — 1370 rubles, you can buy at this link.

Case Smart Battery Case from Apple caused a lot of negative reviews, not only due to conflicting design, but also because of the inhumane prices and a very modest battery capacity. A great help may be the case-the battery has 3200 mAh capacity, is a little more than 900 rubles, and as a nice bonus, is equipped with a retractable footrest to comfortably watch from your iPhone 6/6s film during charging. The smartphone in this case, of course, becomes thicker, but in of roll it is still not blame. To purchase the accessory you can here.

And this useful gadget from the company Itian will be able to suppress the feeling of disappointment and envy experienced by iPhone owners, looking at smartphones based on Android, enamalware wireless charging. Wearing to your iPhone 6/6s case is special, you will be able to provide his chip for charging standard Qi. The kit also includes a charging pad that can be used not only with your upgraded iPhone, but also with other devices that support this technology. The price is steep for such things are very divine, 2,500 rubles, and to buy Itian Stand Design A6 at this link.

Of course, this list is far from complete, and we would be grateful if you share it in the comments links to similar accessories for products from Apple. I would also like to know what category of products you would like to see in our next article.

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