“Classmates” launched a new app for video OK Live

“Classmates” launched in Russia a new application for Live video streams OK. The client became available on devices running iOS and Android, after several months of testing.

OK Live outwardly resembles the popular app for more Periscope. “Classmates,” noted that the Russian service is entirely tied to the platform of the social network and the stream will be broadcast in the news feed on behalf of users and groups.

While browsing, users can leave comments and put marks of “class”. About new broadcasts, users will learn of notifications and news feeds. Video recorded during live broadcasts, stored in the social network as long as the user does not want to remove them.

During the stream the user will see the number of viewers who are watching it in real time, the names of friends and comments. Unwanted people can be locked, by clicking the corresponding button in the profile. Broadcast can last no longer than 8 hours.

“Classmates” position OK Live as a standalone application for video. If the user does not have social network account, he can register his mobile phone number. However, in this case, the user automatically gets an account in the “Classmates”.

Download OK Live at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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