Clean it “Other” from the Mac without using third party apps

Often the free space ends up not only on your iPhone or iPad, but a Mac — especially if the “under the hood” you have a 128GB SSD. In this case, you can certainly take advantage of third-party applications, but for the good of the program will have to pay, and ways to clean Mac standard tools of the operating system.

First we need to know, and if you do “the Other”. Go to the Apple menu — About this Mac, where you open the tab “Storage”. As you can see, I have not understand what employs almost 180 gigabytes.

First we clean the cache files depending on the computer they can take anywhere from a couple gigabytes to 10 or even 20 gigabytes. Open Finder and choose the keyboard shortcuts Command + Shift + G. In the window that appears you must enter the path ~/Library/caches.

You will then receive access to the cache files of the apps: you decide which folder should be removed. We advise you to view how much disk space it occupies.

What else is good to do — clean the Downloads folder. Yes, do not be surprised, you’ve looked into it? I, for example, were last year’s files and folders several gigabytes each. Over time, as a rule, forget about them, and they remain a burden for hard disk or SSD.

What everyone forgets is older backups in iTunes devices. Okay even if there are copies on 3-4 gigabytes, but if 30-40? Open iTunes, select “Settings” — tab “Devices” and remove unnecessary stuff. Now it’s all there in iCloud!

But in General, don’t forget to delete unused apps.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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