Cloudflare has released an app on iOS and Android

Cloudflare this spring, has launched a service network security —, which provides free access to a secure and fast DNS. Today the service can be used on mobile devices via the official app.

DNS (Domain Name System) — domain name system, a distributed service for retrieving information about domains, is used to obtain the IP address by host name (computer or device). Generally, in most network connections use the DNS provided by the ISP. Some providers of Internet access can utilize this service for yourself, one of the options of this development — the collection of data about users with the aim of selling them to advertising companies.

We recommend you to stop using the DNS from the provider — use Cloudflare or public DNS from Google. Today, Cloudflare has released an application for mobile operating systems, with their help, you can use the service a fast and secure DNS on smartphones and tablets.

Application is extremely simple, it introduces the concept of “pressing one button” . All you will need to activate a secure connection — press the “ON”button.

Service from Cloudflare is not a panacea in the field of network security, it is needed as a fast and reliable alternative DNS service from Internet service providers. If you want to reliably protect your network traffic — use the services of VPN services.

Download for iOS download for Android

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Clifton Nichols

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