Comparison cameras: iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Appleinsider pushed two flagship hard but fair fight. At the moment in the smartphone market these devices are equipped with the best cameras. Fotosmoralo devices staff portal contrast in difficult conditions with different shooting modes.

Compare HDR

The first photo shows clearly that the range of colors of the sky and the t-shirt is much more balanced on the iPhone XS than the Galaxy Note 9, however, the subject turned on the nexus 9 is brighter. However, if you shoot against the sun, as in the second photo, Note 9 better transmitted range and the result is less glare. Have Max XS picture is noticeably darker.

Blur effect

In General, the quality of shooting with the bokeh effect Samsung always loses, except precision select fine details. In the first photo in XS Max blur turned softer and the colours more intense. Note 9, in turn, a little lit t-shirt.

However, when shooting plants, Note 9 has no trouble with blur a lot of detail and clearly conveys the range of colors. iPhone as if all the power spent on the background, and the color is not enough.

When shooting where you need HDR and blur at the same time, the iPhone XS Max almost always gives the best result. The subject at Note 9 is a bit lighter, but the sky is not at all.

There is a similar situation, but the space between objects Note 9 washed away without effort when XS Max is not eroded at all.

In the detailed pictures the brightness and picture clarity is better at Note 9.

However, when it comes to color range of the iPhone XS Max again shows how it should be.

It’s the same in the picture of the room.

Shooting with poor lighting

Blur with artificial light in all respects better than the iPhone. Photo bright and just limited to facial features, can not be said about a photo with Note 9.

Without blur effect iPhone also shows the best results, especially on white balance and clarity of detail. Please note pants, how much they smooths Note 9 in pursuit of the absence of noise.

In comparison on the street at night both devices gave weak color range. Note have 9 photos brighter, but broken white balance. Write in the comments which option you like more: which is lighter or more natural colors?

And lastly a portrait image with light sources in the background. At Note 9 the picture becomes muddy, and XS Max bulbs behind object have a direction while blurring, as professional camera. Besides, iPhone is better transmitted tones of clothes.

Write in the comments which photo you like most and if you use a professional camera, would have changed you into one of these smartphones or not.

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